Jul 26

Wright for anything? Even a second rounder?

This is an old write up that I wrote before the Dubs traded Wright for Jack…  just some thoughts that came to something of fruition.  Nice.

1. Moving Wright for a second rounder and cap space = YES. The problem is that the GM has told us D Wright is the incumbent starter for this season. That may be his way of building up value for Wright in the same way it was rumored the Dubs built up value for Ellis at the beginning of last year. I sure hope so. I’m quite sure Coach would rather start Rush, Mcguire, R Jeff or Barnes at the three than Dwrongway.
One problem with this is that the Dubs will likely want to see how Barnes works in the preseason before considering a trade to weaken the already loaded small forward postion.(did I really write that? What am I smoking?)
Truth is there are 4 or 5 that might be on the roster that can play the position. As of right now, the best choice to start at the three could be the backup at the 2, Brandon Rush.
Do not forget that there is NO ONE to back up Klay Thompson at the 2 other than Rush right now, and of course, Rush is a RFA.
Also, what really is DWright’s market value? He is an expiring contract of about 4mil, so that is attractive, but there are likely limited trading partners and the Dubs FO may want to wait til the trade deadline to make it happen.

2. What if Rush gets signed elsewhere? We are F*CKED.

No kidding.

The question becomes, who of the other low level FA guards can we get? We need someone who can back up the 1 and the 2. Resign Nate Robinson? Yeah. Its like that. Everyone seems to forget THERE IS NO ONE TO BACKUP KLAY OTHER THAN RUSH. Can Day Glo Nate do it? Yeah, but that’s really not ideal in any way.
Can Delonte West do it? Yes, but I would rather he was an option in addition to Rush. If we had Jenkins, West, and Rush as bench options for the 1 and 2 I would be reasonably confidant going into the season. People seem to be concerned with West’s mental makeup. He was fined 25k for giving Gordon Heyward a wet willy in a game late last season. That’s hella funny to me, but only cause West wasn’t on our team.
Seriously, I know what West can bring to this team, and he is a great role player in a backup role at the 1/2. The word is that the FO (front office) doesn’t want to take a chance on adding mental headaches to our team…

That’s reasonable considering the “junkgate” episodes we have had to deal with recently. I do think that Delonte West would give the team the scrappy reserve guard that we have not had.

I am in disagreement with recent articles that say that the Dubs are only looking for high character players. You sign the guys that help you win.

You all have seen the Steinmetz article stating that players such as West, Arenas, and others are not likely to be brought in due to their character issues. It’s too late to think that way.

If you haven’t seen this article posted on CSN Bay Area then here is the link http://www.csnbayarea.com/basketball-golden-state-warriors/warriors-talk/So-far-Warriors-are-on-periphery-of-free?blockID=734106&feedID=279

I have to quote this and disagree… “They traded Stephen Jackson for Richard Jefferson months ago, and even accepted an extra year on Jefferson’s deal. The reason was because the Warriors didn’t want to bring a volatile veteran like Jackson onto their young team.

“While that’s a tough strategy to criticize, the logical extension is that they’re most likely not interested in players such as Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Reggie Evans or Delonte West.”

I disagree with the ownership,and I am criticizing them. The team has had their share of sexual lawsuits recently and too juicy information.

The Dubs could really use this FA advise… Resign Rush. Bring in West. Resign McGuire. Done.

West has a reputation as a tough, physical defender who has some attitude issues. The Warriors could really use an undervalued spark like him.

We want to win right? Mark Jackson will start accepting the type of questionable character guys that are in his image. Delonte West could be the kind of player Coach Jackson wants to take under his wing, to develop the professional attitude for the NBA.

The tougher FA’s that the Warrior’s desire are all going to be in the list of “Kenyon Martin, J.R. Smith, Reggie Evans or Delonte West.” from csnbayarea link.

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