Jul 29

Warriors must trade Monta Ellis

As I am bored of no new NBA news, my mind goes to the easiest way for the Warriors to get better now.

I run across great articles all the time on bleacherreport.com.  They are a great source of ideas for roster improvement and rumors.  They have a nice slideshow presentation of potential Ellis trades the Dubs can make.


Ideally, the Warriors trade from our deepest position, the 2 guard (Ellis, Reggie Williams, Klay Thompson, potentially Dorell Wright, Charles Jenkins and Jeremy Lin all have 2 guard skills.)  Dubs go after their weakest postion, the 5.  (Andris Biedrins, Ekpe Udoh, David Lee and Lou Amondson have all spent time at the 5 for the team last year.  All look to be back this year, but none are legitimate NBA starting centers.)

Ellis for Andrew Bogut is a perfect example of my ideal scenario.  Bogut and Ellis are both potential all stars.  Bogut is a star for his rebounding and defence.  Ellis of course is the exact opposite kind of star known for his flashy offensive play and lack of defense.  The Milwakee Bucks could be attracted to the idea of having  Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis play next to each other in a lightning quick scoring backcourt.

The Warriors would love Bogut’s paint presence, his size and an improved defense over current Dubs bigs, and the ability to start two big time shot blockers in Udoh and Bogut.

Bogut’s major issues are his health.

I also love the idea of trading Monta and Charlie Bell for Pau Gasol.  It may take more players than that to cause the Lakers to even think about this deal.  Adding Dorrel Wright to the trade could make sense for the Lakers.  (And make me hate the deal, but maybe the only way it happens.)

Pau’s post moves and big man defensive and rebounding skills are at an elite level.  He would pair very well next to David Lee.  The two of them on the block could cause major interior passing chemistry and outside pick and pop ability with two big bodies who would stretch opposing defenses.

Monta may fit in well with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.  Bryant reportedly loves Monta’s game.  The two could coexist on the floor at the same time.  Monta still has the breakneck speed and attacking ability that Kobe has lacked the past couple of seasons.  Monta also has some ability as a distributor, finding open shooters if his lane closes on the way to the hoop.  The Lakers need to find a new go to scorer as the team ages.

Dorell Wright would fit in very well with the Lakers.  I would consider him a better version of the Ron Artests, Trevor Arizas, Vladomir Radmonovichs, and Sasha Vuyacheks that have been employed by the Lakers as wing scorers recently.  The one thing Kobe always seemed to look for from this group was three point shooting.  These players attempted to keep opponents from doubling Kobe, as the threes were a way to keep defenses honest.   With Wright in the fold, you have  a reasonably prolific three point shooter who can fill it up every night, will rebound, guard, and run the floor with Kobe or Monta.

Beyond these two trades, I’m not completely sold on Andre Igoudala.  If we wanted a player like that, we would have chosen Kawhi Leonard (who may end up being even better than Igoudala.)

Any deal with Orlando for Dwight Howard is a joke.  Not going to happen.

I like the idea of bringing in a center in free agency as well.  Nene and Tyson Chandler would be too expensive.  Most likely Sam Dalembert would as well.  I like Deandre Jordan who the Los Angeles Clippers made a qualifying offer to of 1mil plus.  Chris Kaman could be a nice addition as well.  Like both of the Lopez brothers Brook and Robin nice centers too but need improvement.

Have to admit Pau is a long shot also.  Pau fell out of favor in LA during the playoffs last year, so don’t count him out of the Lakers trade rumors.



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  1. Nico

    I don’t think Monta’s going anywhere. He’s the only star attraction they got right now. Plus his numbers will only keep getting better. He already “gamed up” last year, so it comes down to discipline and the simple desire to win. The bigger story should be what the Warriors plan to do with Curry. He can’t co-exist with Monta. Their games are just too similiar, and to avoid tension later down the road, they got to trade one guy in hopes of getting a package deal. Maybe 3 or 4 veteran caliber players who then could step in and co-exist with either Monta or Curry. Notice I didn’t say “superstars”. Don’t do what Miami did. That shit did not work, despite brief flashes of glory.

    1. Shawn

      Nice take Nico. I will stand by trading Monta. I have thought about trading Curry, but at his age, I like his game a lot. He is closer to a pure point then Monta and that is hard to find. Also, he is probably the best shooting point guard in the league. He just needs to learn to be more aggressive and get to the free throw line a little more. That is one reason it is good for them to be on the same team as Curry can glean some of that offensive aggression that Monta has. Eventually you are right. I don’t like the two of them sharing the backcourt. Maybe Coach Jackson does. We will see. Seriously tho… weigh what could be attained in trade for Monta vs Curry. I think Monta nets a better trade piece back to the Dubs. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe other teams value Curry the way I do. If that is true, why would I want to trade Curry? It’s going to be interesting to see who is actually controlling the ship and pushing the buttons as we go forward.


  2. Nico

    Curry definately has age on his side. Assuming his game keeps getting better (and it will), it’s almost a safe bet the Warriors simply won’t be able to keep him whether for financial reasons (Monta is already commanding franchise tag dollars), or due to Curry’s likely desire to be the #1 guy on another team. I’m sure winning could postpone some of those worries, so we’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out.

    1. Shawn

      Nice Nico. What do you think about waiting till after November 1st of 2012 to find out? I’m pissed. I just posted a short blog about that. Yes I could be OK with them playing side by side for a while. What can Mark Jackson get from them? We might have to wait that long to find out… I am more optimistic about keeping Monta Ellis and Steph Curry if we have to wait that long because there are great players available in the 2012 draft. I personally like North Carolina’s Tyler Zeller a lot… I believe he can be a better version of Andris Biedrins that has faced top notch competition in college and will only get better in the NBA. I want Curry to get that edge that Monta can teach him and if Curry has that desire to be a #1 option, he is that much more valuable for the Warriors because he is more efficient than Monta Ellis.
      I know Zeller is not considered a top flight NBA Center prospect. I do like his college game. Will it transfer to the NBA? There are fewer and fewer quality 7 footers every year. We will see.

  3. Nico

    Looks like there might not even be a season now. Dwyane Wade even announced he’s entertaining offers from overseas. What kinda ticked me off was Paul Pierce was on Facebook talking about the movie Immortals and that he might go see it. Dude, the future of your league is in real jeopardy. Fuck the movie tips and tell the fans you’re disgusted with what has taken place. As it stands, the players have now lost around a quarter of a million. For the vets that’s still relative chump change, but an indicator that they don’t care about the young guys. If I were a young cat just entering the league, or coming back for Season 2, and the older cats were taking a hard stance againsn’t everything, I’d be hella pissed. This all for one/one for all shit is backfiring. Yet… Maybe that’s the price they pay for assuming the ride would never end.


  4. Shawn

    yeah. why not vote on the deal? Is Paul gonna buy the Celtic rookie’s movie ticket? lol. uncool.

  5. Nico

    No doubt Paul would pay for the ticket. The first showing at 11:00 am. What a guy!!!

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