Dec 14

Warriors Coach Jackson is God Blessed Good and so is the team!

Ok, now that was an interesting headline I’m sure.  You all might be expecting me to invoke some Tim Tebow anecdotes here.  Maybe some of you will be ready to shoot back with some Mike Singeltary “I want winners!”  junk as well.  OK.  But I shoot first.  That’s the way this works.

The fact that Tyson Chandler and DeAndre Jordan both were swing and misses by the Warriors may drive us all insane.  It threw me for a loop I must say.  Kwame Brown has been signed for a 1 yr deal worth 7 million dollars.  He at least is a real center.  I would say that the money would have been better spent on Samuel Dalembert, the Kings’ free agent Center, though he would likely have gone at a slightly higher price… Dalembert is still on the market and the Warriors did not bid on him.  There are quite a few potential final outcomes that could cause us to look back and point fingers at this point in the team-building of the Dubs.  One is the use of the Amnesty Clause on G/F (guard/forward) Charlie Bell who was owed only 4.1 million dollars this year, in the last year of his contract.  I was advocating using the Amnesty on PF (power forward) David Lee, not because of lack of production, but rather due to the amount of power forwards on the team now and the availability to add to that position in the future.  Udoh, Amundson, and Tyler all are on the team and Al Thornton who is a tweener (PF and SF or small forward) could still be retained.  Others were clamoring for C (Center) Andris Biedrins to by amnestied.  I have to admit that 3 years ago, Biedrins was one of my favorite NBA players.  I am sure many other Warriors fans felt that same way at that time.  That is not coloring my opinion now.  Trust me.  My biggest reason for not using the Amnesty Clause on Biedrins is that there are not that many NBA centers in the world.  PFs are not so hard to come by.  Just look at the draft now.  Look at NBA rosters.  Many start PFs in the Center spot.  How about Chuck Hayes who at 6-6 last year was the starting Center for the Houston Rockets?  That is just one example.  Now the Charlotte Bobcats are reported to be starting Boris Diaw a 6-8 PF at Center.  Also the Portland Trailblazers just signed PF/C Kurt Thomas who is 6-9 who will likely log major minutes at Center for them.  The point is that now the Warriors have two big real Centers to start the season with.  I am sure all Warriors fans realize this is better than starting last year with Biedrins and Gadzuric.  Also do not overlook the reports that Biedrins has shown up bigger and stronger and ready to play.  See http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/12/11/SPN11MAVF0.DTL Warriors Andris Biedrins regaining ’08-09 form.  He is now reportedly 15 pounds heavier, all muscle, and is mentally more in the game according to teammates.  Coach Mark Jackson is excited to coach him.

One major disadvantage at this point is the possibility or even eventual fact of losing G/F Reggie Williams.  Williams shot over 40% last year from beyond the 3 point line.  There were times he was unguardable and as hot a shooter as anyone in the league.  At 6’6 he is also a very large guard who can also log minutes at the SF spot.  Now that leaves the Warriors with a large hole.  Rookie Klay Thompson has earned much praise early on and is the first off the bench likely in this scenario… that we lose Williams and don’t replace him with a proven NBA player.  Luckily, Coach Jackson does not seem to be worried.  Check out the video from Coach after the first day of practice…(lol remember this was the first day)     http://www.csnbayarea.com/sportsnetBayArea/search/v/49724194/12-13-warriors-practice-mark-jackson-on-klay-thompson.htm  Coach says that there are coaches he has seen that will not play rookies.  He is not that coach.  He says Klay Thompson will play right away and that he is that good.  I just hope he is right.  An injury means that Williams will be sorely missed.

Let me change the course of this article now to the competition.  The basis of the headline and my reasoning will be shown here.  In the Western Conference, I expect at least 3 teams that did not make the playoffs, to make it this year.  It could be four that didn’t make it last year to get in this time.  Let me tell you who will make it for sure.  The San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma Thunder, Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies.  Other than that, its wildly up for grabs.  I expect the western conference to flip-flop in many ways this year.

One significant way is that it could take only a 45% winning percentage to make the playoffs this year out of the west.  I see the Eastern Conference as the better conference this year.

Another major flip-flop in the west is that these teams will not make the playoffs…  The Denver Nuggets, Portland Trailblazers, Utah Jazz, New Orleans Hornets, Pheonix Suns, Houston Rockets… ok there are six that perennially have been better than the Warriors.  This year will be different unless the Hornets and Nuggets get lucky and land players quickly that can by a miracle jell together for a season.  Trailblazers just lost Brandon Roy likely to retirement and Greg Oden to injury for what may be another full season after signing him for an 8.9 million dollar extension.  The Rockets don’t have a Center.  They lost out on Marc Gasol who  was resigned by the Memphis Grizzlies.  Pheonix is done.  They just waived Vince Carter and they don’t have many other players to help them to a playoff berth this year; Steve Nash is finally getting old.  I don’t even have to go into the reasons why the Jazz or the Timberwolves won’t make it this year.  Beyond that, it leaves some teams I did not mention.
The Kings, Clippers, Warriors and Lakers.  Guess what?  3 of these 4 will make it to the playoffs this year.  It will be a special year for California basketball.  How long has it been since 75% of the state’s NBA teams made the postseason?  If my reasoning is right, LA is going to be turned upside down this year.
The Lakers are a team that has problems.  No make that PROBLEMS.  We can go all the way back to their loss in the second round of the playoffs when they lost to the eventual NBA Champion Mavericks.  Andrew Bynum clothes-lined JJ Barea.  Gasol was talking about a lack of trust on the team that was fueled by Kobe Bryant’s part in breaking up Gasol’s relationship with his girlfriend.  Fast forward to the present.  New coach Mike Brown has not been well received by the team.  This hire and other decisions have upset the team.  The trade scenario that was shot down by Gunslinger Stern (NBA Commissioner David Stern) last week was a slap in the face to the Lakers.  Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom were very unhappy about the way the team conducted business without informing them.  Odom was so upset that he asked for a trade and was immediately shipped to Dallas for the compensation of a second round pick only.  What does that leave the Lakers with?  Not enough to deal for Chris Paul or Dwight Howard.  It leaves them with two players with bad knees in Kobe and Bynum and a player with a bruised ego in Pau Gasol.  Anyone else on the team now is either unproven or proven to be less than NBA talent due to age or inability.  What the Lakers do have is many players who could end up in the D-league like Derrick Character.  Just check the roster.  Its not good.  See http://espn.go.com/nba/team/roster/_/name/lal/los-angeles-lakers  Really it’s a joke.
My prediction for the Western Conference final standings after 66 games is in this order…
1.  Thunder
2.  Mavericks
3.  LA Clippers
4.  Grizzlies
5.  Spurs
6.  Warriors
7.  Kings
8.  Trailblazers or the Suns with a losing record.
What that means to me is that this is going to be a God Blessed team for Coach Mark Jackson and the Warriors this year!
I’m out-
The Fraz


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  1. Nico

    Gasol said it best. If he gets traded, it’s just business. Odom was good, especially last year winning the 6th Man of the Year award, but it wasn’t like losing him suddenly meant the Lakers were desperate. Despite Gasol’s sometimes soft play, he’s a star. He just needs to get a little tougher in the crunch.

    As for the Warriors…. I don’t expect much. On paper they look competitive, but like the Clip Joint, they also find ways to lose. I think playing in the West definately is a disadvantage. If they were in the East, they could have a losing record and still make the playoffs. In the West, even if they were 8th, they’d get destroyed in that first round. It’s almost not fair. That’s why they got to trade either Curry or Ellis in order to get 3 or 4 guys to surround one of them. Having two guys who can score is great, but like the Suns, every night you literally have to outscore the other team because your defense is lacking.

    1. Hubby

      Every Lakers fan I’ve ever met lives in the past sadly now. To them, the clock stopped when Kareem and Magic hung up the shoes [and we know why Magic had to leave]. Their bsaaetbkll knowledge from the 60s to the 90s is rewarding. After this, however, they don’t have a clue of what has happened to this once mighty and moral organization.The Lakers have been a good team over the decades [as apparent on this DVD set], but the run of greatness is coming to a LONG slide with Kobe driving the Bus. The Lakers were once considered the Green Bay Packers of the NFL, but now they’re just lucky to even get close to a playoff spot over a majority of the teams in the Western Conference which are much better than the present Lakers.I recently attended a game last Fall at the Staples Center, and besides all of the celebs eating hummus in the stands, I could barely hear myself think over Phil Jackson’s mantra I told you so. Further illustrating how things have changed in LA, Jack Nicholson has become embarrassed to wear anything purple or yellow.So it is understandable that Laker fans would rather focus on the achievements of Magic and Kareem, than rather extol the diminishing skills of Kobe since his Colorado folly.There are some good games on this DVD along with great moments from the Baylor, Chamberlain, West days. I recommend any Laker fan to purchase this DVD set to relive the past.So Laker fans, keep living in the past if you so desire. Maybe Kobe will retire and become a man of the cloth and lead the Lakers to the NBA Championship promised land once again.Long live the Forum [or the Staple Remover Center] or whatever they are calling the Lakers home now.

      1. Shawn

        that was an interesting post bro… I am of course a life- long Warriors fan who is excited to see the Lakers risk their future for their present. If you would post on my new playoff seeding prediction story, I would accept it. Please read that article and give me a personal take on my Lakers prediction. I spice it up with my own outlook and the Warriors’ outlook quite a bit. This is just fun stuff, the league is changing so much, and by the time the Warriors are ready to contend for a title, Kobe will be retiring. I have little faith in the overall Lakers GM moves, like you and that’s cool with me.

  2. Shawn

    I trust in Coach Jackson to make defense a priority. They really didn’t care under Nelly cause Nelly didn’t care. Same with Smart… Let’s see. I believe the west is no longer the best. Lakers declining, Spurs too, Mavs should be decent. Memphis on the up and up. OKC the toast of the conference. Nuggets, good luck. Blazers done. Utah LOL. Suns no chance. Houston we have a problem. The Clippers with CP3 become a conference front runner. I will put money on that. 3 seed no problem. Kings actually have a chance. Warriors get into the playoffs before the Lakers 4 bum knees (Kobe and Bynum) get in. I’m ready. Let’s do this thing!

  3. Nico

    CP3 to the Clippers. That’s some parity for ya. As for the West, Dallas is the team everyone will be chasing. The Lakers will still be either #2, or #3. The Spurs will as always be old but good. Memphis is ok. OKC is getting better every season, and I expect them to make even more noise this year. Blazers are done. Roy is done. Suns are all offense, no defense (Nash get outta there while you’re still in your prime), and Houston isn’t a contender. That leaves the Kings and Warriors. Warriors get the edge cause they got two stars. but until they show they can win consistently, I can’t put them in the playoff’s.

  4. Shawn

    Lakers have no chance to be 2 or 3. No way. Bynum misses the first five games of the season due to suspension. Kobe starts the season with a wrist injury. Kobe will try to play through it and aggravate it more.
    Yeah, you and I agree on some things tho… Some are picking the Nuggets to be good. I can’t see it, but I need to look at the roster some more. Rockets, no chance even with Dalembert. Yep, Blazers are done. There are 5 sure bets for the postseason for me. Other than that it is really up for grabs. Those 5 are the Spurs (tho they are old and barely make it) the Grizzlies, the Thunder, the Mavs, and the Clips. The other 3 spots can come from almost anywhere. I still think the Lakers have a hard time making the playoffs. I will hate on them all year. I expect the Laker Fakers to finish .500. When I find a bet in Vegas that I can place that, I will take it and make my $. Steph Curry, my boy, is showing he is injury prone as anyone. Scared now for my Dubs. F it. and now it seems Brett Favre has signed with the Dubs too… (Monta Ellis) tho I know it’s innocent until proven guilty and even worst case scenario, it doesn’t significantly change the Warriors’ chances this year. It could put an unneeded black eye on my team tho. What do you tell a girl with two black eyes? Nothin. You already told her twice. That’s my Warriors now. Not cool.

  5. Shawn

    Writing a new post that will slam the Dubs. Hey they are my fave team in all of sports. It’s a sob story I know. Check it out on this site. I will not color my take with optimism anymore unless they start winning. Whoa… I take that back. I got the Dubs taking the Christmas opener against the Clips! Lol. Read the post and you will know why and probably laugh at me at not with me… LOL. GO WARRIORS! I BELIEVE!

  6. Nico

    So far it’s all run and gun bullshit. No defense.

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