Jun 30

this is just one of my favorite Steven A. Smith posts of all time.


discussing the NBA lockout last year.

If you read my posts and find them hard to follow, tell me this…

How did the final decision affect the NBA Champ Heat vs. the Golden St. Warriors… feels like the Yankees won over the A’s?  Use your imagination a bit?  lol.

That was an intentionally somewhat loaded question.  Was the NBA draft rigged?  So was this… Did you stop beating your wife yet?  Wow…  David Stern is doing his best to be the biggest headliner this year.  Stern = Goodell?

I like stern, david lol… stern commissioners that are not afraid to put a mark on their sport.

Someone who is afraid to leave a visible MARK?  MLB’s Bud Selig.  I wonder how visible a mark it is on the 2010 Champion Giants to value the SF South Bay more in the favor of the Oakland A’s who originally made a mistake by offering the territory in a deal to prevent the  A’s from moving to Florida.  Ouch.

I’ve given away a bit of my loyalty… to my heart.  I don’t post that much about my A’s but I’m off to see them play the Bo Sox on the 3rd for fireworks day…. will have a post up with pics about it.

Badass… bay area sports are starting to get hardcore again…. lol

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