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Raiders Need To Win Now? Chill Mr. Davis.

What is Raiders owner Mark Davis expecting for this new season? And what should we be expecting?


Pinhead is a Raiders fan.  He's not impressed.,

Pinhead is a Raiders fan. He’s not impressed.


The Raiders have reloaded in a big way.  Gone is Terrelle Pryor.  Matt Schaub, also known as Mr. Pick Six, has come in to fill the role of franchise QB.  Derek Carr, the hopeful future face of the franchise, is expected to hold the clipboard until deemed ready enough to fill Schaub’s shoes.  That time could be sooner or later.

This year in the draft the Oakland Raiders did not make themselves look bad.  This time around, fans are not yelling at the top of their lungs, cursing GM Reggie McKenzie.  This time, talking heads, pundits, NFL people in the know, and then people like me… well, we are not portending a dark abysmal decline in to nothingness.  Last year, it was a different story.

In baseball, hitters get three strikes.  In football, it is not always that way.  Last year could have been that one year try, then the hook, but last year is last year.

This 2014 draft will not be properly evaluated until 3 years from now, likely.  Names like Outside Linebacker Khalil Mack and talent like Offensive Lineman Gabe Jackson certainly have changed my mind already.  I made a joke about Schaub, but I will not do the same for Carr, his backup, although his brother was drafted highly, and became a bust.  Who knows what Carr, the younger, will look like in 3 years.  With the right coaching, players around him, and attitude, the Raiders backup QB could be one of the rising stars in the near future.  The team’s Offensive Line certainly has been beefed up, and is deep as well as talented.  The Running Backs have been changed up a bit, gambling on a contract with Darren McFadden with very little guaranteed money, and bringing in long time bell cow and Oakland native, Maurice Jones Drew.  Latavius Murray is a second year bruising RB who missed all of last year to injury and expected to be healthy this season.  The Raiders did not draft Wide Receivers or Tight Ends, but did trade for the San Jose St. product James Jones, formerly of the Green Bay Packers.  Jones is absolutely a go get the ball type speedy, physical receiver who has put up nice production.  Last season, he had 59 catches for 817 yards and only 3 TDs, but just one year previous, he caught 14 TDs, most in the NFL in 2012.  I liked the talent already on the Raiders at receiver, with the young Juron Criner who just needs more consistency, Rod Streater, who was an undrafted steal, and Andre Holmes.

Bringing in defensive players who have won Super Bowls is not a bad call.  Lamar Woodley and Justin Tuck are not the players they once were, but they are not going out of the NFL with a whimper either.  They can still play.  I really like the idea, just like bringing back Charles Woodson before.  These guys know how to get it done.  Pair them with young studs like Sio Moore, last year’s draft stud, and Mack, this year’s likely draft stud, and there is a good chance for a Silver n Black future to be proud of.

No, the Raiders don’t need to win now.  Not only do they have 6 games against the brutal AFC West like always, but also they lined up the NFC West this year.  That’s 10 games against many of the best teams in football.  That leaves 6 other games to find wins… Sure the Chiefs and Chargers are beatable, but not easy.  The NFC West is going to crush all comers.

An improvement over last year’s win total of 4 is highly desired.  Vegas has the Raiders pegged at 5 wins for the over/under bet.  If I were to bet, I would pick the over, and half of me would expect the push.  How do they not set all over unders at increments of 1/2?  I don’t know.  If the number was 5 1/2, I’m not sure what side of it my bet would fall on… so that answers my question.  Haha…

5 wins is not going to make the Raider Nation too happy, until they really look at the schedule.  I would expect an improved team from top to bottom this year that in a normal year with a normal schedule, such as last year’s, might produce 7 or 8 wins.

Finally, don’t fire anyone Mr. Davis!  Unless this season is an atrocious slip into the abyss of the Black Hole that used to eat up those who dared challenge the Raiders in the Coliseum, hold to the plan.  Continuity is better than being the Browns.

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