May 27

Oakland A’s regular batting order… as it oughta be

posted on facebook page Keep our Oakland!! A’s in oakland…
If you could pick the A’s line 1-9 what would it be?
1. Crisp
2. Sweeney
3. DeJesus
4. Matsui
5. Jackson (3B)
6. Willingham (1B)
7. Pennington
8. Suzuki
9. Ellis.
Willingham has played 3 games in his MLB career at first, with 5 total chances and no errors… not much time at the position, but who can’t play first? he’d be fine. Jackson has some time at third this year and has been fine, maybe better than Kuz? Certainly better at the plate! Ellis well… if you dont bring up Cardenas or Sogard (and why not?) then I prefer Ellis to Laroach… And Ellis may be the best glove at second in the majors. Only reason there have been no gold gloves for him is his bat has holes in it.
by the way, get rid of barton and kuz. sweeney and jackson have to hit and play everyday duh


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  1. Nico

    I’d rather watch Major League II than watch an Oakland A’s game lol Where do you start? Not to long ago, they had everything. Frank Thomas forged a comeback. They had a .300 hitter (can’t remember his name… Peyton?). The pitching was amazing, and most importantly, they were winning. Then that fucking moneyball mentality set in and they ripped that team to shreds. I still remember them insulting Miguel Tejada by not even offering him a contract extension despite him telling the organization to make him an offer.

    Bye bye Giambi… Even though dude turned down $90 million from the A’s to go to the Yankees. Mike Piazza definately wasn’t the answer to Frank Thomas, and after trading Zito (at least that turned out to be a good move) it became more about not how many games they could win, but how many games out of first they would be by the break.

    See Moneyball… Good movie, but if you want to watch baseball, watch the Giants. Even though they didn’t repeat, they still got the pieces in place. They just got to tweak their lineup a bit, dump Zito, and get Linecum some help. He lost so many games last year because he had no run support. He’s going to burn his arm out trying to win games that should already be in the bag if those hitters could just get him 2 or 3 extra runs.

    1. Shawn

      Whats up Nico, thanks for the comment. Right now I’m completely disgusted as they are waiting on news about San Jose rights from Selig. You heard that right? Team won’t spend any money until they find out. My opinion is that the A’s believe that Selig has an answer or his silence is a bluff. But Selig doesn’t care. He’s not bluffing. Apparently a “no” on San Jose will cause them to spend money again but I don’t know.

      Have to agree with you that the Giants are a better watch right now. I don’t hate the Sanchez Melky trade. Some people thought Melky overproduced last year, above his career #s, and he did. But c’mon he brings winning pedigree coming from the Yankees system. Gotta like it.

      Haven’t seen Moneyball but will. It makes me a little sick as moneyball never worked. We all know how it ends.


  2. Nico

    The problem with the A’s and a new stadium is they don’t have anybody to fill the seats. A new stadium would be great, but how soon would that appeal wear off? People trash the Yankees all the time, yet if I were a GM, I’d choose the Yankee organization every time over the A’s, simply because I’d rather win 90 + games and make the playoff’s, than suffer in money ball land and finish last or second to last. Thank goodness Eric Chavez made it out of Oakland. Not sure what his future holds, but losing really kills the spirit and drive of a player. If he can stay healthy, I think he still has enough left in his bat to produce somewhere. Just like Nick Swisher. He’s quietly become a factor in New York… Just not in the playoff’s.

    1. shawn

      Nico, I don’t agree with that. Where are you from? I’ve lived most of my life in San Jose. I was 18 when the Sharks organization was born. People in San Jose were so excited to be represented by a professional sports team. Since the Sharks came into existence, the Sharks attendance has been near the top in the league. I admit that the Sharks amazingly were immediately relevant and have made the playoffs just about every year from the beginning. You have to realized there are 2 million people that live within 15 minutes of downtown SJ. If you compare that to Oakland, consider the Bay Bridge. Consider 880. Consider that realistically you are looking at less than 1 million people who have that same easy access to the O.co Coliseum. The East Bay (except maybe Fremont) is not a great place for a sports franchise.

      The problem I have with San Jose is that Bud Selig and MLB have taken so long to come to a decision on South Bay rights. They don’t want to upset the “darling” SF Giants. I have seen all the here-say about a decision coming down soooooon. Sure. I will believe it when I see it. I am afraid the A’s are barking up the wrong tree.

      1. shawn

        Also on the Yankee’s… I would be very happy as a Yankee fan. The team continuously goes out and gets top talent. Also seem to have a decent farm system (the Oakland A’s lol). Seriously, I will always root for the home team. If I was a New Yorker I would be a proud Yankee fan, but every time my team doesn’t make the playoffs, I would be calling for someone’s head on a platter! As an A’s fan, that gives me something to laugh about.

  3. Nico

    I’m from San Jose too bro, so I can totally understand having allegiance to frachises that are there, or want to set up shop. Once again though, I have to state that what kind of team would the A’s be able to put on the field? The first month or two would likely be sell out’s, especially if they were winning. Problem is unless they start ponying up some dough for established talent, a new stadium would just put them under in a year or two. I really though keeping Geren as long as they did destroyed the chance of them properly rebuilding. With the right manager, specifically a proven old war horse (Torre, Bobby Cox), I think they could fundamentally be winners again. Then by all means roll out a new stadium.

  4. Shawn

    What kind of team they will be able to put on the field is a great question. Looking at the farm system players, there are some big bats that will show up. Michael Choice, Brandon Allen, Chris Carter, Jai Miller… there are some players there. It is possible that the team can lean on cheap players for the near future. If San Jose is approved, the team is likely to spend very little in payroll until the stadium opens and groom the young talent at the expense of wins. By the time the team moves to San Jose officially, they could have a nice mix of established young stars and veterans. We will have to see. I do not like the idea of loosing a Gio Gonzales or Andrew Bailey as talks are heating up for them on the trade market. Let’s hope that Billy Beane can get good value for anything he gives up, as the A’s are likely to become the “farm system” for the rest of the major leagues once again.

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