Dec 10

NBA buffoonery and the Warriors Big Man Search

Ok.  Now David Stern has really messed up.  I don’t have a problem with the fact that the league has the right to veto trades.  I don’t have a problem with the NBA ownership of the Hornets for the time being.  What is wrong is to publicly make such a scene as they did Thursday night.  Allowing the news to hit the nation of the CP3 trade to LA (along with other considerations that did not look to bad from the Hornet’s viewpoint), and then to kill it in the way Stern did is atrocious.  I don’t want to know about Cavalier’s owner Gilbert whining.  I don’t want to see the knee jerk reaction of a scared commish and his constituents.  The way this was handled by the NBA showed fear.  The media correctly reported the events and this is not on the media.

I would have preferred the league and David Stern to say that the trade is under review prior to being accepted by the league.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I would have preferred that Gilbert’s email to Stern never made the media.  We don’t need any more Gilbert whining.  Remember he owns Quicken loans.  He should have no whining to do, but should listen to the mortgage payers he has screwed over.  The fact that the email from Gilbert to Stern was made public is a sham.  It is soap opera quality.  It is none of my business or yours.  I said it earlier.  I do not blame the media.  I blame the NBA.  Why is Stern’s email account open to media consumption?  Don’t blame the media!  You jump on a story if you have it.  Maybe Stern needs to stop automatically tweeting emails to the media?  Maybe Stern needs to hire reputationdefender.com to ensure he doesn’t leak inflammatory information about his baby, the NBA.

There was nothing wrong with the trade.  I feel that the Lakers would have been hard pressed to bring in a power forward and a small forward to pair with this new team… You also see three pairs of bad knees… Paul, Kobe, and Bynum are all potentially past their prime.  Yes Bynum too.  What happens if the Lakers next move was to ship Bynum to Orlando for Howard and the trade was denied by the Magic because Bynum failed his physical?  We all know this is a possibility.

On to the Warriors.  Tyson Chandler was the #1 offseason acquisition for the Warriors.  That did not work as apparently, the Knicks are going over the cap to sign Chandler.  Guess what?  The Knicks have an aging point guard in Chauncey Billups who they are now considering using the amnesty clause on.  The Knicks have many players who want the ball and no one to give it to them.  Good luck.

Next on the Warriors list is the man I wanted from the beginning.  DeAndre Jordan.  The Clippers amazingly raised the offer to him from 1.1 mil a year (before the lockout) to 8 mil a year over 5 years… The Warriors are expected to give Jordan an offer sheet of 10 mil a year for 4 years.  I don’t think the Clippers will bite, though they have the right to match any offer and retain Jordan who is a restricted free agent..  Jordan is a player who in the next two years easily could equal Chandler’s offensive and defensive output.  Chandler has had many injury plagued seasons and we shouldn’t expect that to change.  Jordan is an emerging big man with nice defensive skills and a knack for shotblocking ala Ekpe Udoh.  Pairing those two would strike fear into anyone who wants to juke Monta Ellis or Steph Curry to get to the paint.  Jordan’s offensive ability is on the level of Chandler.  Nothing great there, but offensive rebounds and putbacks at a high percentage at the rim are what the Warriors need.  The Warriors could use a Nene who is outstanding offensively in the paint, but it could be argued that a better rebounder and defender is more important for the team.

Keeping Steph Curry as the point guard for the future is a position I support for the Warriors.  He is entering his third season in the league and is widely regarded as the NBA’s best shooter.  I have been warming to the idea of Curry and Monta Ellis in the same backcourt coached by Mark Jackson…  Coach seems to be stoaked by the offensive capabilities of Ellis, and I believe that as a former NBA point guard, he (Jackson) will have great input for the two of them.  Expect Curry and Ellis to work better together this year and act like they give a damn about D.  Also expect to see large portions of playing time for Ekpe Udoh at the 4 and the 5.  If it is at the expense of playing time for David Lee, or if it results in Lee moving to the 5 at times, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Depending on matchups, Udoh will get quality time to learn this year and continue to wow us, the fans, with his defensive prowess.  I would expect Udoh to develop a little of a pick and pop game and a better offensive game overall.  Lee and Jackson will mentor Udoh into a reasonable offensive player in time.

Adding DeAndre Jordan to the 5 spot means that barring injury, there is less opportunity and need for the Warriors to go small.  It could be the end of Nelli ball.  It may be true that we never see Lee at the 5 again.  That would be a welcome sight.

Let’s see if my man Andris Biedrins can regain some of his former beast mode.  He is reportedly 15 pounds heavier coming into training camp.  Supposedly that 15 pounds is muscle, not fat.  We have yet to see.  I would love it if Biedrins really has a new fresh outlook on his game and future with the Warriors as has been reported.  He had two years around the “we believe” time that his production arguably made him an All-Star snub.  He can get back to that level now that big man killer Nelly has been gone for some time.

This is a team, that if the culture does center around defense this year and Coach Jackson is trusted by the players, will make the playoffs.

The Utah Jazz, Denver Nuggets, Portland Trailblazers, Pheonix Suns, Houston Rockets, and New Orleans Hornets are all teams that could miss the playoffs this year.  These teams are playoff regulars that in the last many years beat out the Warriors.  This year will be different as the Clippers and the Warriors have a great opportunity to join the Western Conference Playoffs.  Playoffs???!  Playoffs!!!

Yes.  Warriors ownership has guaranteed it.

I’m out – The Fraz


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  1. Nico

    The trade sounded good on paper, but it’s exactly what IMO the league is trying to prevent. Good teams with all the money to simply snatch whatever superstar they want without even blinking. Would Paul’s presence in LA made them more exciting to watch? No doubt… But now Dwight Howard wants to jump ship. Whose it going to be next week? Stern is a very smart man who the players know has all the power. He can pretty much say and do whatever he wants because that’s part of his power. I’d rather him shoot something down than be a coward and let superstars jump over to other teams without even following procedure. Dwight Howard… He’s got it made in Orlando, but is courting other offers. Don’t blame other teams for talking to him. Blame Howard for showing absolutely no loyalty. That’s why Stern will continue to leak stories that block trades. If he okays everything, the league will suffer. More and more franchises will turn into the Miami Heat, thus ruining any chance of parity, either now, or for the future.

  2. Debater

    Let me briefly give my two cents about Gilbert. He’s still enraged about Lebron and how Cleveland went from the best to the worst in the blink of an eye. Also factor in how nobody wants to play or be traded to Cleveland now, which if I were Gilbert would make me bitter too. While players have the right to want to win a championship, if they aren’t already free agents, they shouldn’t be allowed to speak with other teams, cause then it becomes like a playground pick-up game where the best get taken first, and the scrubs get picked last.

    1. Shawn

      yep. Don’t get too worried tho as in a couple years this luxury tax gets pretty nasty. Until then expect the same. I say people in the public eye need to keep the flappers shut or maybe need the qwerty taken away from them. That doesn’t apply to us. We can talk as much smack as we want!

  3. Shawn

    Nico, my biggest point was that Stern was out of line with the way he handled it. He allowed a media circus. Once again, not the media’s fault. It is up to Stern to say that the league still has to vote on the trade, as is required for any trade, period. He could have bought a day or two and diffused the media’s ire.

    1. Shawn

      And the Lakers would not have been that good. Don’t believe me now, but the best team in Lala Land is the Clippers.

  4. Nico

    Remember too alot of players talked shit about Stern during the lock-out. No way he forgets. No way he forgives lol

    Seriously… The Clip Joint the best in LA? I’ve wanted the Clippers to be good for awhile, but I believe they’re cursed. On one side, you got Sly and Jack Nicholson front and center at the Laker games. The biggest star the Clips can attract is Billy Crystal lol

  5. Shawn

    CP3 changes everything.

  6. Nico

    He’ll change the TV schedule. Now the Clippers will be featured in prime games which is hella cool.

  7. Shawn

    yep. LA is different from here on. Laker Hater as always!

  8. Nico

    Did you see that Griffin dunk againsn’t the Thunder? Durant said he wasn’t impressed. If the Clips weren’t in first, I’d say it was just another play, but they’re winning, so he should loosen up a bit and remember that the game is also about having fun.

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