Nov 29

NBA 50/50 really? Not gonna sit this one out?

Just a little post to say WOW!

I had lost all faith in the NBA to get a season started.  I was deep in all the negotiation articles and tweets and any commentary I could get.  Now, I just want to see the vote.  The owners won, but not by a landslide like I was thinking.  What it comes down to is that the teams that want to spend likely can continue to do so for a couple more years until more stringent cap requirements take place in 2013-2014 I believe.  Right now, the Miami’s of the league can still keep their superstars on one team.  Oh well.  Miami still won’t win it all.  Not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7 championships… rather not one.  I will cross my fingers on that.  lol.

With the new Amnesty Clause, teams like the Golden State Warriors could restructure their lineup to win now.  I will cross my fingers, my toes, my eyes and my nosehairs for that!

New post coming up on the Warriors potential moves before the season starts and potential moves before the trading deadline.  Who knows, maybe the Warriors will have a Jim Harbaugh/Niners kind of renaissance this year?

see http://shawnkfrazier.com/nba-season-a-go-warriors/

Forever the optimist…

The Fraz

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  1. Nico

    What’s interesting is not just the money factor. That’s always been a given. I’m wondering why players (specifically free agents) choose the teams they go too. Look at Lebron. He had it made in Cleveland, and while the window of opportunity to win a title was closing, if he stayed, they would have been the #1 or #2 team in the East for maybe the next decade. Instead, he went to Miami well because he knew Wade was there. Knew Bosh would jump over too. Can the league balance the parity out here? Essentially forcing high priced and sought after free agents to settle for playing for a bad team? While every team has one goal… To win, I’m finding it more and more fascinating to examine the teams that for one reason or another simply stink it up every year without fail. The Clipppers… Knicks (last season excluded)…. Timberwolves…. Sixers…. Kings… You get the point.

    I was a big Sac fan back when they were experiencing their “brief glory”, until the Lakers just stuck them in the heart and in my opinion ruined their chances of ever being something after that playoff series. They were never the same. Webber. Bibby. Divac. Who was the tatted little white guy? lol None of them were the same after that, and in many ways that’s why the NBA needs parity. I want to see the underdogs. The lower class of teams. The classic bad teams (Clippers) rise to prominence, and the only way to do that is to prevent these free agent stars from basically sitting on their hands and waiting for the highest bid, and/or to see what 2nd tier players are aligned around them. Would it have been so bad if the Lakers had traded Kobe to the Clippers as was talked about not many seasons ago? Minus the wins, I think Kobe could have pushed them into at least the top five in the conference. That’s what I’m talking about here. I’m all for Miami touting themselves, but first you got to prove it on the court, and despite their talent, their arrogance is shall I say…. “boring”. There’s no drama to their situation. They got 3 stars and enough supporting help to assure them a trip to the finals for as long as they’re motivated to get there.

    We’ll see on Dec. 25th. A triple header. Play ball.

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