Nov 09

NBA 50-50?

accept the deal, players. The big name multimillionaires are hurting the bench guys that are dying to get more playing time. These guys (bench players) are getting maybe 500k a year and need a season. You don’t see them whining. But they need a season to prove they belong in this league so they can continue earning a good living. What happens to them with no NBA. But bench players are not complaining. You see the Paul Pierces who make 8 mil a year whining. This is wrong.

http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/page/5-on-5-111108/nba-lockout-players-do-next                                                                                                                                            see #NBA50 on twitter 






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  1. Nico

    I love basketball, but the attitudes of both the players and owners have really changed my perspective on wanting a season. Let’s face it. The players don’t control or run this league. They’re the attractions, and have been paid very very well. They do commercials. Get endorsement deals. Some have done movies. Music. Point being, shut up, and play. I hate to take it here, but IMO, I feel the lack of education and overall smarts is really hurting the players. They’re been so blinded by the money and fame that they forgot about the fans. They don’t seem to care that were in a recession, so multi millionaires crying about more money isn’t the best PR. If they keep this up, best believe alot of fans won’t come back.

    1. Shawn

      Right. I’m sick to my core of this bs. My take is this… the hard cap is favorable to the small market teams and the fans in those markets. The Dubs are basically a small market team in the NBA until they find a way to change their perception around the league. I believe that the new ownership and Mark Jackson can do that, but it will take time to lure big name players to Oakland. Until then, lets get the hard cap (or just increased luxury tax as is now being discussed and called a “de-facto hard cap” by the players union.) Also love this new AMNESTY CLAUSE! Drop Biedrins or Charlie Bell. That way, the Dubs can compete much sooner and have a chance to sign a Nene and potentially another stud like Shane Battier.

      Yeah the hard cap issue is one that hurts only the major stars ie Lebron and Bosh, Amare and Melo, and the Celts big 3. Charles Barkley has said it himself… these players choosing their teammates has got to stop. It is not good for the NBA as a whole. For the average player in the NBA who earns 2 mil a year and sits the pine mostly, the hard cap is the best thing as it gives them more equal footing with the stars, and really they just need to play to continue the ability to earn good money. These average players never know when their career is over and many have no skills beyond bball. That’s their fault of course, but they are not the ones whining. That’s the stars we hear all they time.

      Straight garbage… #NBA50/50

      and thanks Nico, feel free to comment any time. We could have some good discussions.

      1. Nico

        You brought up some good points. As much fun as it was to watch Miami, it would have been more fun to see the handful of bad teams around the league get better. The Clippers. Warriors. Most of the Eastern Conference lol I can understand the “newbies” who don’t have seniority in the league scared to death about what this lock-out could mean. Unlike the Kobes’, Lebrons’, Pierces’, etc. they have no safety net. Then again since I’m the master of solutions…. I say take your services overseas. A.I. jumped (well nobody wanted him in the States which pissed me off, but that’s for another debate). I’m sure scores of international teams would love the publicity that a semi big name or even a superstar would bring them. Not to mention it would be the easiest 2-3 million they’d ever make. Think of it as killing time until the owners finally cave. Right now they got the leverage, but months from now, if there still aren’t games, and with all the money they’re missing out on (advertising, merchandising sales….), they will cave and there will be a season, even if it’s a short one.

  2. Shawn

    At this point in time I don’t expect a season. It is over. Some people who I do appreciate for their optimism are stating that we have time even after Christmas games are cancelled. What I expect is that the looming court battles and the “disclaim interest” movement will simply end the season. If this does not have the desired affect that Derek Fisher is looking for, then the push by players such as Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to fully decertify the union…”The decertification movement pushed by a number of players and agents is prepared to move forward next week it the union rejects the league’s latest NBA lockout offer, reports Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski. The decertification camp needs roughly 130 signatures to file to the National Labor Relations Board to force a vote of the union within 45 days. If a majority approved decertification, the union would no longer represent the players at the bargaining table, and players would be able to file anti-trust litigation against the owners.” From http://www.sbnation.com/2011/11/11/2554103/nba-lockout-2011-decertification-agents-players-union
    I need to look at the differences between desertification and this odd “disclaim interest” thing that is just beginning… Some sources believe the “disclaim interest” (what ever that means) will put the whole deal into the courtrooms sooner and possibly still result in a season… I believe that the only thing that solves the lock out to get a season this year is both sides moving towards each other in compromise outside of court with the players making a much bigger move… This is the only thing I could hope for… The alternative is a loss of fans and a larger loss of income for all.
    The league may not realize (also aging players must not realize) that the Celtics, Spurs, Lakers and other aging teams have championship windows closing… There truly is a changing of the guard in the NBA… 2011-2012 is a season that the Golden State Warriors and Sacramento Kings of the league can make a statement. The next year after, even without a season this year will put many of these loosing teams ahead of the perennial playoff teams.


  3. Shawn

    my comments on facebook to the lockout…
    I am very upset. David Lee and Lacob have been absent from headlines on the lockout… Something tells me they would accept the deal… Why didn’t the players vote???? Because the Paul Pierces and Kevin Garnetts and Bronbrons and Kobe’s are cotrolling this? C’mon Garnett and Kobe have their best year behind them… They needed this season… Maybe I should be happy as a Warriors fan because ticket prices will go down next year after a complete season lockout… NO! Our Dubs had a great chance this year… I’m PISSED!

    Warriors fans, we have something special that we lost this last year. Maybe getting the 11th pick again next year we are in good shape… but could have been in the playoffs this year. Does this lockout for the season invalidate the contract that the Warriors made with the season ticket holders? http://probasketballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/05/24/new-warrior-owners-offer-fans-a-contract/

    New Warrior owners offer fans a contract | ProBasketballTalk
    The Golden State Warriors are under new management, and the new ownership team i…
    See More

    New Warrior owners offer fans a contract | ProBasketballTalk
    The Golden State Warriors are under new management, and the new ownership team is looking to make a good impression with fans as quickly as possible. They recently sent out a contract to potential season-ticket holders, which makes the following promises: 1.

  4. Nico

    Not once have any of the players or owners weighed in on what this bullshit means to the millions of fans who were expecting a season. It’s about greed. Players have been treated extremely well in terms of pay for years. It’s like they just want more because they’ve demanded it. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. You can fundamentally disagree with the owners and how they perceive your value to the league, but you still have to treat them with some semblance of respect. It’s their league. They handle the business end, so naturally they’re going to always want the biggest piece of the pie. That’s business…. Someone tell these largely uneducated, money obsessed goons, I mean NBA stars, to remember what this game is really about. When you step onto a floor, it’s not about money. It’s about prestige. About honoring the game. Giving fans what they pay good money to see. People can always argue about money, but at some point, these players have to “grow up”, and realize the stances they’re taking are childish. Here’s a thought. If you want more money, make it performance based. A guy on a shitty team shouldn’t demand more money and get it, the same as a guy riding the bench for the Lakers getting millions to do nothing. Also, don’t allow good teams to snag all the high caliber free agents. Tough shit Lebron. You might have to play for a bad team. There’s alot of issues here that need to be addressed. The players just care about money, but the fans who actually study the game, realize that the product they’ve been putting out could be alot better.

    1. shawn

      Right Nico. What do you think? Who is running this mess? There was in interesting ESPN article today where DeShawn Stevenson ripped Players Union Head Billy Hunter. http://espn.go.com/dallas/nba/story/_/id/7273040/dallas-mavericks-deshawn-stevenson-blasts-nbpa-director-billy-hunter.
      More cool than that is the accompanying video of My Man Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless agreeing on something… that the players have thrown away chances at starting the season and that Stevenson has a point. “To never take it to a player vote is egregious! What drug are they sniffin?” says Smith at one point. Very funny, very real, very good stuff.
      I still believe the people running the mess are the agents behind the top players in the league. It really may be the agents who are screwing everyone.
      Yes. The stadium ushers. The concession workers. The stadium security guards. The waitresses and bartenders in smaller market cities such as Cleveland and OK City. These people are hurting. The fans hurt too, but not to the same level as those who depend on the NBA to make a living.

      1. shawn

        Performance based… YES. Like the NFL… Braylon Edwards signed a $3.5million contract for one year with the Niners. He is only guaranteed $1million of that. The other $2.5mil is strictly performance based. Edwards is likely to only see the 1mil this year. That is one of many problems with the NBA, AND this idea is not even on the table! What if the NBA had proposed performance based contracts? I would love to see what Hunter, Pierce, Garnett and the like would have to say about that. LOL

        The biggest FAIL is the loss of fans the Celtics will have outside of Boston. (we all know that within Boston, Celts fans are so blind that Paul Pierce could literally pic fans pockets and they wouldn’t care. Wait… that’s what he is trying to do! But don’t tell them, cantstandzthemanyway!)

  5. Nico

    Now word that the season will start on December 25th!

  6. Shawn

    yep. Very surprising. I’m happy bout that. We are still waiting on the official vote, but the word is it will be approved. Lets see.

    For me, I’m looking at free agents and trades for the Dubs. About to start a new post. Hopefully its not too incredibly optimistic, but likely it will be. lol

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