Jun 30

My Letter to the GSWs re: Steph Curry/PGx…. #1 (for fun)

Steph Curry.
I’m happy with what Steph has been saying about his recovery lately. He says he tried to come back last summer too quickly on his ankles. Now he has much more patience, working with the trainers and has checkpoints with the doctors. Only after passing tests, does he move on to the next step in his training. I have some faith that he can become more reliable and less injury prone. Lets hope so. I do want him to take a couple games off here and there and not play more than 35 min a game.
In addition, now it seems that the hole in the lineup is a combo guard that can spell Steph and play next to him in the lineup at times to set him up as a 2. I like that Steinmetz has the same idea. He seems to like Andre Miller and I do too, but he made more than 8 mil last year and probably is not available at the MLE the Dubs have (5mil?)

I do love the idea of bringing in Brandon Roy even tho he has problems with the cartilage in his knees. Interestingly, Kobe seems to find a way to continue to play with the same issue. Kobe has used a procedure that seems to be borderline illegal… high plasma blood injections (can’t remember the official name of this.) Hopefully for Roy, he is looking into the same kind of new medical breakthroughs. This particular procedure has been shown to allow knee cartilage to regrow quickly.

Another name is Chauncey Billups. He only made 2 mil with the Clippers last year if what the internet tells me is correct lol. That’s amazing for a former NBA Finals MVP… I would love to have Billups on the Warriors even tho he had the ACL tear last year. Word is he is not retiring and wants to play more. I could see him playing 20-25 min a game with the Warriors at the 1 and 2. He could take a back seat and come off the bench, I would think. His leadership and game would be huge.

Steinmetz also seems to like the Hawks FA PG Hinrich as well, but I really don’t. He can shoot the three a bit, but has been injured as well with less upside than Miller or Billups. Quite a bit less.

I like the idea of bringing in Aaron Brooks who played last year in China but is currently property of the Suns. The Suns offered him a qualifying offer of around 4 mil. I remember Brooks with the Rockets a few years ago and he was fearless going to the rack. The Dubs could really use that for the team now in a change of pace PG. Whether he still has that in his game now, I don’t know.

Thoughts on fa’s at point or other?

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