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Michael Sam does not impress me, Tony Dungy does. ESPN Radio reaction, Freedom of Expression, EXPLICIT



Listening to and later watching this morning’s Mike and Mike show on ESPN reminded me of the first time I had a good look at the Rams’ rookie Michael Sam.


Micheal Sam and his boyfriend during live NFL Draft coverage.

Micheal Sam and his boyfriend during live NFL Draft coverage.  Courtesy of NBC.


I have never seen a man and a woman embrace and kiss like this during live draft coverage.  I have also never seen a man cry the way Sam cried immediately before this still frame.  To me at the time, it looked like it could have been staged.  Every time I see it again, I cringe, and I become more and more convinced it was staged and insincere.  The look on Sam’s face when he was on the phone just after he was drafted, to me was full of shit.  He was fake crying.  Now I am sure it was staged; a man who wanted to show the blend between male and female.  I don’t have a problem with the fact that a male can have female attributes, or vice versa.  I have a problem that he made a show of it, just like some bullshit reality show with a script.  Be gay and show a strong persona, a strong mind, and don’t go over the top with it, please.  Once again, I have never seen a man and a woman embrace and kiss like this during live draft coverage.  It is highly offensive to me.  I would have had little problem if they held hands and shared a peck on the lips.  That is not what happened.


I still would have had a problem with it, but I would not be writing this.


I am extremely proud of Tony Dungy for his statement.  There is nothing wrong with what he said.  “I would not have taken him.  Not because I don’t believe Michael Sam shouldn’t have a chance to play, but I wouldn’t want to deal with all of it.  It’s not going to be totally smooth.  Things will happen.”  From ESPN radio.  Officially, this was an off-topic question, shortly after the draft, during a draft review interview of Dungy regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a local paper journalist.  Interestingly, months later, this journalist decided to release this information now.

Mike Golic was absolutely slow to give an opinion, but was spot on to say it depends on the player’s talent level.  If this was a first round talent instead of a seventh round talent, then the player would be given more rope for off the field issues, says Golic.  He is absolutely correct.  Of course it was discussed that he may have slipped in the draft due to his sexual preference.  It is a risk versus reward.

Mike Greenberg was immediately critical of Dungy’s statement.

It is completely unfair and (fuck fair) blindfolded to continue this gay issues public stance with so much disrespect by the LBGT community.  IT IS NOT OK.  Parents who are straight are consistently figuratively smacked up side the head to learn their children are gay.  Many times their first thoughts include “what did we do wrong?”  This is a completely legitimate question and response.  The truth is that they may have done nothing wrong.  I do believe that it is a choice to be gay or heterosexual.  It is a choice for me to be against the gay lifestyle.  It is also MY CHOICE.

It is Michael Sam’s choice to be gay.  I want him to make the best choice for himself.  I don’t have to like it.  He doesn’t have to act like a drama queen about the whole damn thing.  That’s what I see.

Tony Dungy has just released a statement on the subject, as I was writing…


Dungy shares that Oprah Winfrey had planned to do a Michael Sam documentary as the first gay man in the NFL… the plug has since been pulled.  It seems to be exactly the type of thing Sam wants to do.  He wants to be a fucking scripted reality show.

Something that was interesting on SVP and Russillo also ESPN radio (Scott Van Pelt I know and love was out and was subbed by Jorge Sedano), was a couple things they started out with.  One was a misunderstanding of the context, that the journalist and Dungy were on break and the question was off topic with the recorder still on, that Dungy was out of line to provide that quote with out any more explanation of where he was coming from.  As you will understand from my above writing, this was not what the interview was about in the first place, and seems a backhanded way to release Dungy’s comments.  The radio show hosts may have not realized this, but at least MIke and Mike immediately went to what was the context, and what was the question that was asked.  In my opinion, Mike and Mike don’t so much feed the masses with crap, but rather, give their honest professional opinions.  They are the best in the business.  Period.  Sedano and Russillo are guys I don’t have much experience with, but from what I can tell, they do not have the professional journalistic integrity that Mike and Mike do.  Neither does the Tampa journalist.

What completely got my blood boiling, has to do with the freedom of expression, which I respect of the LBGT community, as well as the Christian and Catholic community.  I subscribe to neither of these.  Jorge Sedano, filling in for Scott Van Pelt, said of Dungy, it’s hard not to be cynical of Dungy based on the fact that this could be coming from his religious beliefs.  Russillo responded with, I think that’s the problem here.  He went on to say you have to be an activist in today’s day and age.  This was paraphrased by me.

THIS HAS TO CHANGE.  If the LGBT community has the right to do and say what they want to, then people who are against it have the right to say and do what they want to in opposition and be subject to the same kind of reprimands that they give the LGBT community.  On the other hand, if we can dull down the hate, unlike I have in this article, it will be better for us all.

If Tony Dungy can say what he wants to about the subject and not get slammed, I will certainly listen to the LGBT community with out slamming their lifestyle.  FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

If you don’t like what people do, screw yourself and leave them alone.  If Dungy wouldn’t draft the guy and you have a problem with him, screw yourself and leave him alone.  If you are Michael Sam and you want to make a spectacle of yourself, screw you.

And if I can’t handle it, screw me.

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