Jun 06

How could the Warriors win 55 games this season?

Are you kidding me?  Do I really think the Golden State Warriors could win 55 games again this year?  YES.

The last time this happened was 1992 just after trading Mitch Richmond for the rights to Billy Owens…  As crazy as that year was, the year before Chris Webber joined the team, this year could be crazier.

If the Warriors could add Rudy Gay to the starting lineup via trade, I would expect a 55 win season, as long as the gimpies… Steph Curry and Andrew  Bogut get well quickly.  PERIOD.

If the Dubs give up Dorell Wright and Andris Biedrins and the #7, #35 and # 52 pick to the Memphis Grizzlies this deal could get done.  This leaves the 30th pick in the first round as the only pick for the Warriors in the Draft.  I believe the Warriors could get great value there with the Center from Vanderbilt, Festus Ezeli.  There could be a cash buyout of Biedrins’ contract or a sign and trade which would get around the amnesty rule and allow both teams to save money on Biedrins.  I have seen others write that Biedrins could be used as an amnesty to another team after a trade, and I know this to be untrue, as the amnesty clause required a player to be on a teams payroll at the time of the last CBA (start of 2011-12012 season ) (my words and speculation)
Ok, There it is…  so the Warriors starting lineup would be a tight playoff lineup as of preseason that included, PG Steph Curry, SG Klay Thompson, SF Rudy Gay, PF David Lee, and C Andrew Bogut…  How far could this starting lineup go in the playoffs?  WOW!  Minimum second round in the Western Conference Playoffs.  Period.

First five off the bench would be… PG Charles Jenkins (who we have a ton of faith in) SG Brandon Rush (who can defend and shoot the lights out, loved him since he was at Kansas U), SF Dominique Mcguire (who can handle the ball and defend with the best of them,  while putting up numbers like 15 rebounds and 0 points lol), PF Jeremy Tyler(who has shown he is very athletic albeit without great consistency against proven big men) and at Center, the #30 pick of Festus Ezeli (who has shown he could be a bigger Ekpe Udoh).  Interesting.

I have to say this would be the most interesting lineup for the Golden State Warriors in quite some time.  It would take a change of attitude from the Memphis Grizzlies to move Gay, but it would allow the Grizz to reduce payroll and pick up center help while removing a player in Gay who has seemed to be a playoff hindrance in recent years.  The Grizz could go young with Harrison Barnes instead of killing their cap with Gay, while the contracts of Biedrins and Wright expire after the 2012-2013 year.

What would Warriors fans expect with a largely unchanged roster  (talking to those who see the loss of Monta Ellis negating the addition of Andrew Bogut), expect to get after adding Rudy Gay?  Give it a couple of years with good health, (or take my prediction as it is and expect a top 4 seed this next year) and I think that the run n gun, fast break, shoot the lights out team can be back… with a team that will also outrebound the foes and out defend…

Rudy Gay, Andrew Bogut, Brandon Rush and Dominique McGuire are stellar defenders that Coach Mark Jackson and the rest of the team’s management are looking for.

We will see in the coming years if Coach Jackson is the man for the job, but the players are the ones to get the job done… I expect a very competitive squad to be put together this year….   As a lowly blogger, I know that I am not Jerry West.  I do also know that Jerry West has to be thinking the way I am if he wants to win.


the Fraz…

If Joe Lacob doesn’t hire me, he’s a fool.  LOL





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  1. Shawn

    Ok I am replying to my own post…. If the Warriors somehow bring in Rudy Gay while losing none of their percieved starters ie Curry, Thompson, Lee, etcetera, then the Warriors are definitely a playoff team regardless of how this draft plays out… the only thing that could sideline the Warriors with Gay on board is a major injury to Gay or Lee or Curry for a majority of the season… Warriors fans know that could mean a lottery draft next year… None of us really want to be looking into that for the way to turn the team around, but we know that injuries and bad decisions play a part in our fate year by year. For the most part, we just hope that the Clippers and Kings are below us in the standings! All of a sudden things changed last year! It is time for the Warriors to change as the Lakers are looking more and more like a bottom feeder in 5 years than the Warriors are if we can make proper decisions.

  2. SRG

    How do you propose to make the cap #’s fit? Like the deal but can the dollars & cents work out?

  3. Shawn

    the cap is interesting… OK the cap is around 55 mil. The luxury tax takes effect around 70 mil. The Dubs currently are at about 55 mil. That means they only have the MLE (Mid Level Exemption) for a free agent signing. Tell me if I am wrong, but that does not affect trades. If a trade is accepted by the league (and apparently there is a relaxation on salary matching in trades by the latest CBA) then the added salary still doesn’t put them above 70 mil. That does mean in the future that even MLE free agents may not be available. You can research this in the boring language of the new CBA news items. I have read through as much as I can take, and this trade would be potentially acceptable. If not, we know we would see articles sighting your concern which we do not.
    On the other hand, there are recent articles that quote the Grizzlies GM stating that Rudy Gay is not available. Also interesting is that now the Bulls Luol Deng may be available. Who would you prefer? To me, Gay is more explosive, while Deng is a better defender. They are both huge trade targets. I love Deng as that wing defender who can play clutch when Rose is out. Deng would be my choice.
    In the first part of the rumors mess, Deng was said to be completely unavailable. Now it has changed. We don’t really know… but its fun to dream…
    In closing, the salaries can work out, but moves like this put the team closer to luxury tax than Lacob and Guber might like to be. We will see.

  4. Shawn

    now after the draft, this is so interesting… There will be no luxury tax due to bringing in the expensive SF of the future. It will not be Nicolas Batum. Did anyone think we could ever outbid Portland for him? Probably not. Did anyone think that Harrison Barnes would drop to the Warriors at #7? No.

    Could the Warriors win 55 games this season? Whoa? Slow down. We need a healthy Curry. True, but a steal in the free agent market means that Chauncey Billups, Jason Kidd, or Andre Miller could give Curry much needed veteran teaching while spelling Curry.

    Nothing I just said is out of line. Just think about Kidd coming back to Oakland to finish his career.

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