Jul 26

Frank Gore is your fantasy RB? Really?

Please don’t blindly love Gore. The days are done that he is the bellcow.   Some of us Niner’s fans seem peeved that he is considered a “do not draft.”  I am not one of them.

Most importantly, the Niners added 3 (Rock Cartwright as well) RBs to the group and haven’t subtracted any as of yet. I see Anthony Dixon having a very hard time making the team.

However, Gore has a ton of competition in James, Hunter, Jacobs etc. I cannot see Gore getting his career avg touches of 16.5 much less the regular 20 touches some expect.  There is no way the Niners let the other RBs sit and waste their talent.

The other thing to consider is that Gore signed a 3 year extension prior to last year. I would love him to be available for the duration of his contract. We will never know if that is possible, but by going to RB by committee, we give Gore the best chance to be around in 2013 and beyond.

Hopefully the Niners figure out how to open the holes so that each of these backs can have some success. They all do things a bit different from each other. Having Gore and James or Jacobs and Gore, or Jacobs and Hunter or some other 2 back combination could be something we see often this year. I would expect that to work very well.

Remember also that Gore is the only Niners back we have seen reliably pass block. Maybe Jacobs can also in our system. Gore as a pass blocker is one of the reasons he didn’t catch many passes last year. Another reason is he dropped quite a bunch thrown his way.

I love Gore. The problem is that 29-30 is the end of life for most RBs. I will not blindly love Gore. Apparently the Niners do not either, considering recent additions who will get touches as well.
He is at the top of the do not draft list because he has been a top performer for his career that will not continue to out perform.

Niner’s fans, it’s about winning games.  “Goring” the opponents may be done.

-the Fraz

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