Jun 19

Damian Lillard for the Warriors at #7?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyFJOEjZPFw this was a shooting exhibition for the Kings. Count the missed shots… maybe 2, 3? This includes midrange and threes moving without the ball and with the ball. Also you will see cone work with dribble penetration. I know there are no defenders here, but the kid looks great. Also see http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Damian-Lillard-6152/ This is an odd but nice look at Lillard. Jeff Teague Ronnie Price are mentioned as his ceiling and base but that is BS. This is why I say it is odd. I know that in College he was at a Mid Major. Look at his ppp points per possession in various scenarios… ie iso, spot up, transition etc found at 1:22. Also at that point in the video the speaker (his Weber St coach Randy Rahe) states he averaged 24-25 points a game on basically 15 shots a game. Efficiency… 46.7%FG, 40.9% 3pt FG, 88.7% FG. Made the 2nd most free throws in Divison I College Basketball last year as well as 2nd in scoring. Just watch the rest of it and I can assure you this is not another Jeff Teague! LOL. This is a better Monta Ellis who can run the point every day. At the end of the video is a very interesting weakness portion that highlights his passing, lack of midrange game (although he knows how to use the floater with or without the glass) lack of great defense although he only allowed .54 ppp on isolations he is not great at coming through screens and weak side help, and the fact he played in the Big Sky Conference can hurt him. In competition against Cal and BYU he shot 29% and scored 14.5% per game. That hurts. He did score 36 against St Mary’s. There is some more growth that is needed. What Lillard says about his team is that two of the more productive players on the team were injured this year, so he did have to take up more of the scoring slack and his assists suffered for it.
Lastly look at this from the combine courtesy of ESPN’s Chad Ford…

“Weber State’s Damian Lillard was the real star of the draft combine. He was the best player to agree to do the drills and it paid off for him. Many of the NBA executives in attendance had never seen him play in person before and the rest had only seen him only a handful of times. Lillard shot the lights out, had a couple of terrific dunks in the drills and 3-on-3 play, played hard and was very good in interviews with teams.

His measurements also turned out to be eerily similar to Derrick Rose. Rose measured 6-1 1/2 in socks and 6-2 1/2 in shoes in Chicago in 2008. Lillard was 6-1 3/4 in socks and 6-2 3/4 in shoes. Rose had a 6-8 wingspan, while Lillard had a 6-7 3/4 wingspan. Rose weighed 196 pounds, while Lillard weighed 188. Both players measured with a 40-inch max vertical. Given Lillard’s rep as a scoring point guard, he’s got to like the similarities.

I believe Lillard’s range starts with the Blazers at No. 6. I doubt he slips past the Phoenix Suns at 13. He’s got workouts in Toronto on Monday, as well as Sacramento and Phoenix this week.” I took that from this page off ESPN… http://insider.espn.go.com/nba/blog/_/name/nba_draft/id/8036913/nba-wrapping-nba-draft-combine Lillard’s is the third bullet.

I love him. I think Steph Curry is not trustworthy going forward. As soon as possible, I want the Dubs to cut ties with Curry… Now don’t get me wrong. The best case scenario may be to see how Curry comes back from injury and to let him build up his trade stock and show the league he is healthy. To me that means as soon as possible is trade deadline this next year. On the other hand, if he is not progressing in his recovery, deal him before the season for a future second rounder. I would not complain if the situation looks bad on the recovery front. I know what Steph is… one of the best shooters in the NBA already. What if what he really is… is Grant Hill? A guy that takes 3 years to recover from this injury before he becomes a reliable guy? That is the last thing the Warriors team or fans want at this point. As fans we have to consider that to be a possibility. The Warriors management have put the chips in the middle with Steph as the face of the Franchise, but they have to realize that Steph may not be reliable as well.
Yes Lillard has weaknesses, but wouldn’t you want an Ellis style player next to Thompson more than Curry anyway? Yes! Why have a backcourt that is great at shooting 3s and not much else. C’mon! Seriously? Are we back to Nellie ball?

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