Nov 03

CSN Niners Central… My responses


This is a nice feature I just came across on CSNBayarea.com.  Every week some of their Niners insiders post and answer questions for the upcoming games.  For week 8 on the Niners vs. Redskins game, here they are…

Lo’s Question:
Will the Redskins have over or under 3.5 trips inside the red zone?
Answer: ?

Eric’s Question:
True or False: Carlos Rogers will have an interception.
Answer: ?

Gold Rush’s Question:
True or False: A 49ers lineman will catch a pass.
Answer: ?

Benz’s Question:
Davis Debate — Who will have more catches: Fred or Vernon?
Answer: ?

Viewer Question:
Will the 49ers’ defense have over or under 4.5 sacks?
Answer: ?

Bonus Question:
Who will have more tackles: Fletcher or Willis?
Answer: ?

I love this.  I will cut and paste the answers I posted in their comments section below.  Rather than immediately post my answers above, I decided to let my readers think about their own answers first.  Read on for mine…

Redskins 3.5 trips inside the redzone… OVER (gut feeling tho I wish I could go the other way)
Carlos Rodgers will have an INT… YES (he IS HYPED to go against his former team and will deliver)
A Niners Lineman will catch a pass… NO (I consider this a reckless play… out of postition, easy injury, not used to blindside hits the way a receiver is. Also this is a Roman play not a Harbaugh play)
Who will have more catches? Fred. (Every team gameplans VD. Fred is one of the Skins only options right now even if he is nursing an injury.)
Will the Niner’s D have over or under 4.5 sacks? Over. Easy one. (Buffalo sacked Washington 10 times last week. Grossman will go down this week… BTW… Grossman has to be the starter this week right? Shanahan is not stupid)
Who will have more tackles Fletcher or Willis? Fletcher. (Does Not make him the better player in the game. Many times the player with the most tackles is on the team that lost the time of possession battle. Also, Willis is second on the Niners in tackles on the year to Navarro Bowman.)

This is a feature I plan to post my replies to every week here on shawnkfrazier.com.  I desire to have more regular weekly posts, that my readers can expect to see at certain points in the week.

So about those Redskins?  They really have no offense, with the majority of their big play guys hurt or out and Rex Grossman likely returning who Mike Shanahan knows is not the QB he wants.  They can’t run the ball.  That spells defeat for the Skins, no matter how I answered the questions.

I also expect the Niners to cover the spread once again as they have in every game so far this year with the exception of the Dallas game which was a push.  The line so far is -3.5 in favor of the Niners. (according to Betonline.com.)


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