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Chronicle Live Blitz Topic No. 6: Of the following, who gets into the Baseball Hall of Fame first, and who gets in last? Pete Rose – Alex Rodriguez – Barry Bonds – Roger Clemens – Jim Thome· 
Shawn K Frazier There are many sports writers who say that the biggest qualification is that a player was the best at his position in an era. You have to look at someone like Thome who maybe never was one of the best in his era but did it with the consistency to rank at the top of the all time leaders. There is a quandary here but it really is not a real issue.
    • Muf ‎1-rose 2-thome 3-bonds(because i’m a giant fan) 4-clement 5-arod
    • Shawn K Frazier other half of my answer… posted on the CSN Bay area page… Great question. I think the hits leader Pete Rose belongs in period. So he bet on games… can’t prove he bet on his own. So he’s a sports fan. Rose is so far and away the best hitter the game has ever seen. If there is no new information and people don’t change their viewpoints based on cheating, then likely Jim Thome is first in and with 600 hr’s has every right to be based on consistency over his career.
    • Shawn K Frazier Muf like n dislike… Clemens n Bonds def below A Rod… more junk against them… I personally think steriods will eventually be considered the norm for our era, but will take a while. So my list is Thome, Rodriguez, Rose, Clemens, Bonds. Its all bs… the sins of our era must and will be dismissed. My list is not based on who deserves it. If I were going to do that… Rose, Bonds, Clemens, Rodriguez, Thome. Pretty much opposite of the other list. Remember Lance Armstrong as well and how he has captured a generation… deservedly so.

    • Shawn K Frazier difficult question because there are so many variables, qualifiers, disqualifiers, etc. All depends on now vs long term and one’s ideal vs. actuality.


  1. Nico

    Hall of Fame and steroids. That last word will keep alot of previous “shoe in’s” out for good, and I don’t have a problem with that. Despite the shame though, the fact is you can’t erase the stats they put up, take away their millions, or get any judge or jury to give them jail time. Simply won’t happen, cause the only law they broke was an internal one, abusing their own bodies. Some have made more progress than others. Look at Mark Mcwgire. He quietly came back to St. Louis as a hitting coach.

    You still got A-Rod, who IMO, will end up being the biggest fall guy in the end. Barry was supposed to be the fall guy, but the only problem was, the fans loved him, and my cousin wouldn’t rat on him. Aside from maybe a handful of Yankee Die Hards, nobody likes A-Rod. The hate they spew on this guy in blogs is amazing. Doesn’t help his post season numbers are atrocious, and that no matter how many HR’s he hits, he’ll never be considered the man like Jeter. That’s enough for now.

    One more thing… I’ll speak my thoughts on Pete Rose later. He was a great hitter who unfortunately made a costly mistake which fucked his legacy, but for my money, Tony Gywnn was the best. Wade Boggs was close, and currently, Ichiro is right up there, even though he just had the worst season of his career. With 40 around the corner, and still rotting away in Seattle, odds are Ichiro’s decline wasn’t a fluke, but a sign of things to come. As a fan of his, I hope it was just a fluke.

    1. Shawn

      well said… Pete Rose was just the best ever. I want to hit myself in the head any time I say that because of Rickey Henderson… You will find out I am very honest, more so than I am loyal… If I have a doubt, I will post it… My doubt about Rickey Henderson is one I have never seen anyone else post. Because I like what you have to say, I will give you my take… Rickey has more home runs than any lead off hitter ever… Most of those came after he teamed with Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire… If you know me you know that I know the greatest baseball team ever was that 89 team of the Oakland Athletics. Most Athletics fans would cry blasphemy at what I just wrote about Rickey. I Love Rickey Henderson and I will make an argument that he is the best player ever to play the game… What’s against that argument? Injuries, injuries, injuries. Seems that injuries follow steroids. Rickey had injuries his whole career, but I love him. # 1 in runs scored all time. #1 in stolen bases all time. LOVE IT. Watching him play, I don’t know that I ever saw a player that stuck fear into a pitcher more. Ever… think about the havoc he caused on the basepads. Think about the walks. Think about the batting average… I am realistic though. I saw Barry Bonds and the fear pitchers had of him too. Pitchers feared Rickey Henderson more. That is one player I will always wonder about Steriods… I hate Barry Bonds and I know MANY Bay Area fans agree with me and the tainted legacy that Bonds left in the Bay Area. Rickey Henderson would damn near kill me if I knew he was on steroids. He might be that Jason Giambi type guy that admitted it. I would accept that. That is ok… Hey I made a mistake… fine. Now we know.
      My argument for these great players like Pete Rose and even the hated Barry Bonds is that years ago, players were doing any thing they could to win… If you weren’t cheating you weren’t trying. Before these tests were available, realistic thinkers know that the “Babe” and others were on something.
      Rickey Henderson was a first ballot hall of famer. He was the first in a long time. That’s the way it should be. No Matter What. It is a DISGRACE TO BASEBALL that Pete Rose is not in the Hall Of Fame. The lies that we all believe Barry Bonds has told will likely keep him out of the hall of fam e and that’s the way I like it. So you understand where I am coming from, I am sure.

      The Fraz.

  2. Nico

    From a character standpoint, Bonds was scum, but he was one hell of a player even before steroids. Even on steroids, he was a pure hitter. Drew walks like nobody else. Could walk 100 times, and still hit .300. We all remember him bitch slapping Jeff Kent lol Nothing he did won him many friends if any, and strangely enough it never seemed to bother him. If his talent had been a fluke nobody would have batted an eye when he broke the HR record, but everytime he came to bat, people stopped what they were doing and watched. The same people who said they hated him, cheered when that ball flew over the fence. He was the bad guy you rooted for. Do I think he belongs in the hall of fame? No way, but the excitement he brought to the game was almost his hall of fame moment.

    Anyway… Rickey was great. The only thing I would criticize him for was his reluctance to ever officially retire. He clearly wanted the A’s to bring him back. It was almost comical. Here was this “old man” at least in major league terms, basically begging to be allowed back for one last hurrah. Ok, maybe a charity game, or an All Star Game tribute, but I doubt he thought about what a comeback today would have meant to his legacy. What if he got hurt? What if he hit .200? What if he lost a step or two and couldn’t steal bases like he once did with ease? In some ways, it might have been nice to see him become a manager, or come back to the A’s in another capacity, helping mentor younger players. But that’s the game. Some leave content. Others walk away tainted, while others disappear, never to be heard from again (Sosa, Palmeiro anyone?). I’m glad though the steroid scandal never tainted Henderson. Age may have caught up with him, but there wasn’t anything he didn’t leave on that field. And in this day and age of “cheaters”, that’s pretty fucking impressive if you ask me.

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