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Jun 30

this is just one of my favorite Steven A. Smith posts of all time.] discussing the NBA lockout last year. If you read my posts and find them hard to follow, tell me this… How did the final decision affect the NBA Champ Heat vs. the Golden St. Warriors… feels like the Yankees won over the A’s?  Use your imagination a bit?  lol. That was an intentionally somewhat …

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Jun 19

Damian Lillard for the Warriors at #7? this was a shooting exhibition for the Kings. Count the missed shots… maybe 2, 3? This includes midrange and threes moving without the ball and with the ball. Also you will see cone work with dribble penetration. I know there are no defenders here, but the kid looks great. Also see This is …

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Jun 06

How could the Warriors win 55 games this season?

Are you kidding me?  Do I really think the Golden State Warriors could win 55 games again this year?  YES. The last time this happened was 1992 just after trading Mitch Richmond for the rights to Billy Owens…  As crazy as that year was, the year before Chris Webber joined the team, this year could …

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May 09

Re: CSN 8 Questions for every baseball fan except the A’s

This is in reply to the CSN post at Shawn Frazier8 minutes ago LIKE LIKE LIKE except for no mention of the Oakland Athletics looking strong in second place in the AL West. Many expected the AL West to be the best division in baseball with two world beaters in the Rangers and Angels. …

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Mar 15

On the Ellis for Bogut trade vs D12? Really?

Seriously, let’s debate this. This is not an NBA fantasy team. Costing way to much is the last reason why D12/Dwight Howard will not come here. First of all, Howard has said the Nets, Lakers, and Knicks are teams he would like to be traded to. If he doesn’t go to one of those teams, …

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Dec 24

Warriors host the LA Clippers… Merry Christmas!

Alright, Santa has given the Warriors a lump of coal and nothing else. Tyson Chandler was all about our Dubs for a minute. He even showed for the Niners vs Rams game at the Stick. He gave himself the chance to be around Bay Area fans at our best. No doubt he was impressed as …

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Dec 15

2011-2012 season preview via youtube

Dec 14

Warriors Coach Jackson is God Blessed Good and so is the team!

Ok, now that was an interesting headline I’m sure.  You all might be expecting me to invoke some Tim Tebow anecdotes here.  Maybe some of you will be ready to shoot back with some Mike Singeltary “I want winners!”  junk as well.  OK.  But I shoot first.  That’s the way this works. The fact that …

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Nov 29

NBA 50/50 really? Not gonna sit this one out?

Just a little post to say WOW! I had lost all faith in the NBA to get a season started.  I was deep in all the negotiation articles and tweets and any commentary I could get.  Now, I just want to see the vote.  The owners won, but not by a landslide like I was …

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Nov 24

NFL Week 12 picks vs spread… I’m back!

I missed a week… I have not been regularly posting and am ready to get back at it. In week 10 I was 3-2 with one major gafffe that has been erased from all internet history. Look but you won’t find it.  Oh well.  I am 11-8 on two weeks of pics. Home teams are …

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