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Jun 04

49ers Rolled With The Punches Until Kaepernick Dropped The Bomb

This is what Mr. Colin Kaepernick and his representation have done to the San Francisco 49ers.  SH*T!

An offseason that challenged Jim Harbaugh’s desire for all members of the team to be above reproach at all times, has revealed some proper planning as well.  The San Francisco 49ers drafted well, hitting needs as well as explosive compliments to an already talented skill position group,  They traded for Steve Johnson formerly of the …

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Jul 26

Frank Gore is your fantasy RB? Really?

Please don’t blindly love Gore. The days are done that he is the bellcow.   Some of us Niner’s fans seem peeved that he is considered a “do not draft.”  I am not one of them. Most importantly, the Niners added 3 (Rock Cartwright as well) RBs to the group and haven’t subtracted any as …

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Nov 18

49ers vs Giants Statement Game Niners Week 10 (2011) Boss Tv This is a great highlight feature for the game… It took me a while to find it. Admittedly, it’s very pro Niners. The Niners did not dominate the game, but in this video it sure looks like it. I am happy they won this game. In the beginning …

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Nov 03

CSN Niners Central… My responses This is a nice feature I just came across on  Every week some of their Niners insiders post and answer questions for the upcoming games.  For week 8 on the Niners vs. Redskins game, here they are… Lo’s Question: Will the Redskins have over or under 3.5 trips inside the red zone? Answer: …

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Nov 01

Just a quick one on the Niners vs. Browns…

The 49ers won another game handily over an opponent that they were supposed to beat.  They did not show me anything special in this game.  To me, they were somewhat reckless.  The two passes to Left Tackle Joe Staley and Nose Tackle Isaac Sapoaga were not necessary.  Those two players are very valuable in their …

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Oct 19

Carson Palmer Makes the Raiders Instant Super Bowl Contenders

As a Niners fan, I’m jealous.  Really.  The biggest upgrade to Alex Smith discussed in the off-season was Carson Palmer.  In the end, no one thought the Bengals were going to trade him.  I would have been very happy with the trade as is for the Niners.  One first round pick, and a second round pick dependent …

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Oct 06

49ers vs. Buccaneers

stolen from… “While rookie tailback Kendall Hunter doesn’t need to start to be involved, 10 touches seems to be an optimal workload. His ability to get to the outside and open field elusiveness are best spelled on power sweeps and short screen passes. That seemed to help Frank Gore look fresher late in the Eagles …

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Oct 03

49ers looking like favorite to win NFC garbage I mean West…

The San Francisco 49ers are sitting at a lofty 3 -1 record after 4 games.  I did not expect quite this effort and accomplishment from my team at this point in time.  I was especially surprised by Our Niners when they rallied from behind to capture a signature win against the “dream team” Philadelphia Eagles. …

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Sep 24

49ers vs Bengals, Harbaugh pull your head out of your butt

Just real simple here… Niners vs Bengals is a battle between two teams who desire to return to meaning something in the NFL.  The Bengals have been in the headlines for the Carson Palmer ‘trade me now’ issues but have Andy Dalton starting at QB who could soon look much better than Alex Smith.  Bengals …

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Sep 02

49ers exorcise demons, beat Chargers 20-17 in preseason finale

There are some interesting story lines on the San Francisco 49ers after they held on to beat the San Diego Chargers 20-17 on the road to close out the preseason. Quarterbacks:  The ongoing “quarterback controversy” seems to be silenced as Alex Smith had a solid game while Colin Kaepernick floundered.  Yet Coach Harbaugh still will …

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