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Jun 03

Raiders Need To Win Now? Chill Mr. Davis.

Pinhead is a Raiders fan.  He's not impressed.,

What is Raiders owner Mark Davis expecting for this new season? And what should we be expecting?     The Raiders have reloaded in a big way.  Gone is Terrelle Pryor.  Matt Schaub, also known as Mr. Pick Six, has come in to fill the role of franchise QB.  Derek Carr, the hopeful future face …

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Oct 19

Carson Palmer Makes the Raiders Instant Super Bowl Contenders

As a Niners fan, I’m jealous.  Really.  The biggest upgrade to Alex Smith discussed in the off-season was Carson Palmer.  In the end, no one thought the Bengals were going to trade him.  I would have been very happy with the trade as is for the Niners.  One first round pick, and a second round pick dependent …

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