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Jun 30

this is just one of my favorite Steven A. Smith posts of all time.] discussing the NBA lockout last year. If you read my posts and find them hard to follow, tell me this… How did the final decision affect the NBA Champ Heat vs. the Golden St. Warriors… feels like the Yankees won over the A’s?  Use your imagination a bit?  lol. That was an intentionally somewhat …

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May 09

Re: CSN 8 Questions for every baseball fan except the A’s

This is in reply to the CSN post at Shawn Frazier8 minutes ago LIKE LIKE LIKE except for no mention of the Oakland Athletics looking strong in second place in the AL West. Many expected the AL West to be the best division in baseball with two world beaters in the Rangers and Angels. …

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May 27

Oakland A’s regular batting order… as it oughta be

posted on facebook page Keep our Oakland!! A’s in oakland… If you could pick the A’s line 1-9 what would it be? 1. Crisp 2. Sweeney 3. DeJesus 4. Matsui 5. Jackson (3B) 6. Willingham (1B) 7. Pennington 8. Suzuki 9. Ellis. Willingham has played 3 games in his MLB career at first, with 5 …

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