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Jun 04

49ers Rolled With The Punches Until Kaepernick Dropped The Bomb

This is what Mr. Colin Kaepernick and his representation have done to the San Francisco 49ers.  SH*T!

An offseason that challenged Jim Harbaugh’s desire for all members of the team to be above reproach at all times, has revealed some proper planning as well.  The San Francisco 49ers drafted well, hitting needs as well as explosive compliments to an already talented skill position group,  They traded for Steve Johnson formerly of the …

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Jun 03

Raiders Need To Win Now? Chill Mr. Davis.

Pinhead is a Raiders fan.  He's not impressed.,

What is Raiders owner Mark Davis expecting for this new season? And what should we be expecting?     The Raiders have reloaded in a big way.  Gone is Terrelle Pryor.  Matt Schaub, also known as Mr. Pick Six, has come in to fill the role of franchise QB.  Derek Carr, the hopeful future face …

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Jul 26

Frank Gore is your fantasy RB? Really?

Please don’t blindly love Gore. The days are done that he is the bellcow.   Some of us Niner’s fans seem peeved that he is considered a “do not draft.”  I am not one of them. Most importantly, the Niners added 3 (Rock Cartwright as well) RBs to the group and haven’t subtracted any as …

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