Oct 19

Carson Palmer Makes the Raiders Instant Super Bowl Contenders

As a Niners fan, I’m jealous.  Really.  The biggest upgrade to Alex Smith discussed in the off-season was Carson Palmer.  In the end, no one thought the Bengals were going to trade him.  I would have been very happy with the trade as is for the Niners.  One first round pick, and a second round pick dependent on reaching the conference finals which would change it to a first round pick?  Yes.

Now that the Niners have found a way to win and win big with Jim Harbaugh minimizing Alex Smith’s impact on the game, Carson Palmer is not necessary for the Niners.  But what he does for the Raiders right now, before Palmer even takes a snap for the Raiders is to make them a top 3 team in the AFC.  ESPN is impressed as well.  Just see http://espn.go.com/nfl/powerrankings.  ESPN released their power rankings just as the news of the Palmer trade hit the NFL.  They have the Raiders at #9 behind only the Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, and Chargers in the AFC.  If its up to me, I have the Niners at #4 and the Raiders at #5.  I have to say that the momentum of these two teams is on the rise and the Raiders have overtaken the Chargers as the favorite to win the AFC West.  The Steelers to me are not better than the Raiders at this point.  My NFL POWER RATINGS top 10…

1. Green Bay Packers 5-0

2. New England Patriots 5-1

3. Baltimore Ravens 4-1

4. San Francisco 49ers 5-1

5. Oakland Raiders 4-2

6. New Orleans Saints 4-2

7. Detroit Lioins 5-1

8. San Diego Chargers 4-1

9. New York Giants 4-2

10. Pittsburg Steelers 4-2

Even more interesting, this moves the chances of a Bay Area Superbowl that much higher!…  but no Indy does not have room for us all…  I am willing to stay on the couch! lol.

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  1. Shawn

    after today’s game I might as well trash this article but we will see what happens.

    1. Shawn

      Hugh Jackson is the biggest reason right now that the Oakland Raiders are not Super Bowl contenders. The coach is on a power trip. You can see his head getting bigger. Last week against the Kansas City Chiefs, the balloon popped. HMMMM….. Win the game or Carson Palmer hype? lol he chose the latter!

  2. Nico

    Six int’s in two games. That’s craptacular lol Seriously, Palmer is rusty. Up until recently, he was a couch commando, essentially retired. The Raiders were desperate after Campbell went down, so they took a gamble. In the short term, it’s neither good or bad. Obviously, they won’t re-sign him, so whatever they get out of him is what they get.

    1. Shawn

      Have to disagree with you on one thing. They will most likely resign him. No wait… Palmer is already signed thru 2014 or something like that. So check it out. Yes, right now it was neither a good or bad decision. Long term, if it was the Niners that made this deal and were in the Raider’s current situation with Palmer, I’m still ecstatic! Looks like Crap right now, but give it time. Even if HughJack is fired between now and next season, Palmer is the starter for the next few years and will produce. I just don’t think HughJack knows how to handle his “bully” right now. Raider’s 2011 season is over, but that is far from Palmer’s fault.

      1. Nico

        I’m just questioning whether Palmer still has the desire to play and produce. They beat the Chargers, no small feat considering their rivalry, but think about what the Palmer signing did to Campbell’s pysch. Here he was possibly on the verge of helping the Raiders become good again, and he goes down. He even stated in an interview how he was surprised they reached out to Palmer, almost putting Campbell’s future with them in jeopardy. Now, let’s be clear. That’s the nature of the business. In the NFL, everything’s about now, about winning, unfortunately an illusion for some.

        I hope Palmer succeeds. I think alot will depend on how the Raiders finish the season. If they fall short, but played well, Palmer will no doubt be back. Alot will depend on him as well. The more prepared he is for each game, and the more gung ho he is to the idea of winning now, the easier it will be for the organization to let Campbell go.

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