Athletics and the angry elephant

The best team in the American League seems to play best when angry and disrespected.  Maybe that’s why 95.7 the game always complains about blown saves.  Really, since Doolittle was given the closer’s job, he and the pen have been fantastic.

The offense is finally doing what I figured it could.  Moss, Donaldson, Lowrie, Cespedes, Jaso and Norris have been hot at the same time much of this season.  Most runs scored in the majors?  Highest OBP?  HRs everynight?  The new Billy Beane formula?  I think its his same old formula, but he’s really struck gold with this offense.

The pitching is much better than expected.  Who knew Kazmir would be such an upgrade to the current NY Met Colon?  Who knew Sonny Gray would be so ready to take the role off staff Ace?  Who knew Chavez would go from solid middle relief to solid starter?  Who knew Pomerantz would be so much better than Anderson had been?  Who knew all these things could stand up with the loss of Parker to Tommy John and Griffin to his own injury.

Billy Beane?


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