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49ers vs Giants Statement Game

Niners Week 10 (2011) Boss Tv
This is a great highlight feature for the game… It took me a while to find it. Admittedly, it’s very pro Niners. The Niners did not dominate the game, but in this video it sure looks like it.

I am happy they won this game. In the beginning of this season, I was confident we could beat the Giants. For some reason I saw the Cowboys and the Eagles as being the best of the NFC East. Hmmm wonder why… Hindsight is 20-20.

Going into this game, I expected the Niners to win and cover the small point spread of 3.5 to 4 in favor of the Niners.

I have to say that losing Frank Gore and not having him available at all for the second half should have been scary. What’s very impressive is that I was never afraid the Niners would lose this game. I knew Gore had not done anything in the game. I knew it was all on Alex Smith’s arm… The way the game started with Smith flinging it around, I was confident in our QB. Knowing what Coach Jim Harbaugh and OC Greg Roman have done so far, I knew that the second half would feature some offensive plays that would surprise the Giants. Vernon Davis was soooo wide open on his 31 yard touchdown grab that he must have been surprised after catching the pass and turning upfield. Man VD has some wheels and he showed it on this play. There are two Giants secondary players that could have taken him down if VD was an average TE. Instead only one of them had a chance and it looked like he was too scared of Davis to make a proper tackle. Even if he had hit him like Dashon Goldson would have, Davis might have scored.  Damn that would have been a cool play if the Giants cover man hadn’t gotten scared.  LOL.

The Niners’ outstanding cover man Carlos Rodgers was able to make a great interception on Eli Manning when the Giants receiver stopped his route (two INTs in the game for Rodgers for the first time in his career.  He is tied in the NFL for most INTs  on the year with 5).  Rodgers had to dive and get under the ball to catch it, which he did perfectly.  With two Niners defenders right next to him, he was able to have a nice return on the INT with blocking to set the Niners up for the game sealing drive from the Giants 17 yard line.

On the next play a minute after the Davis TD, the Niners scored a TD by Kendall Hunter from 17 yards out. This showed what a great future our 49ers running game has. From the TV feed, it looked like the O-line opened a huge hole for Hunter when I watched it live. Watching it the second time on the youtube.com feed I just provided, I saw it from a different angle. Hunter had great vision to find a small seam and make a couple of cuts. Just like on the Davis TD, Hunter used his speed to beat would be tacklers. I was very surprised with this second look. When I look at Kendall Hunter, I see the future beyond Gore. It looks great. Hunter is every bit as fast as Gore ever was if not faster. Hunter can see where the holes are. Hunter is shifty in a very similar way to Gore. The difference right now between the two is the lack of experience of Hunter (which with the great coaching he is getting isn’t that big of a deal) the difference in pass blocking as Gore is surely better, offset by the speed that Hunter has that I think is more than Gore ever had.

I noticed the media still does not believe the Niners have playmakers who can score quickly or at will.  (don’t remember where I saw this today otherwise I would reference it.  But it is something that the national media will continue to point out, falsely.)  Two touchdowns within 61 seconds of each other that featured speed and missed tackles would be something that would seem to refute this fallacy.

The confidence of the team, Alex Smith and Michael Crabtree in the perfectly run 2 point conversion is another quick stike – at will play that will tell the league that the Niners know how to get it done.  It is interesting when it only counts for two that it does not carry that much hype.  In short yardage situations, the 49ers have found a way to get the ball into the end zone on Smith’s arm… Remember the 4th down play against the Lions where Delonie Walker caught the slant over the middle and powered his way into the end zone?

There is much more where this came from.  As Harbaugh would like, the media and ESPN will find a way to discount the Niners offense.  So be it… Hopefully between now and January the Green Bay Packers only look at ESPN highlights for their information on the 49ers.

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