Oct 06

49ers vs. Buccaneers

stolen from… http://bleacherreport.com/articles/878385-san-francisco-49ers-5-things-to-watch-in-week-5-against-the-buccaneers

“While rookie tailback Kendall Hunter doesn’t need to start to be involved, 10 touches seems to be an optimal workload. His ability to get to the outside and open field elusiveness are best spelled on power sweeps and short screen passes. That seemed to help Frank Gore look fresher late in the Eagles game, leading to his127-yard rushing day.

Gore can be more effective over the course of the game, and for the duration of the season, with that type of timeshare. He can still be the lead back at 15-20 carries per contest with a potentially higher yards per carry average. Throw in a few catches and opposing defenses like Philadelphia in Week 4 will seemingly have their hands full trying to slow down the 49ers running attack.”

That’s my biggest change for the Niners to be successful… go to a two back system and stick with it. Gore IS getting close to his “end of life” as a running back and the Niners need to go to a two back system now to avoid a letdown in the running game. I have no problem if many of the running back inclusive plays mean passing plays to the running back as Hunter had a beautiful 44 yarder last week. That is a big part of the West Coast Offense. (WCO) Get everyone involved.

Alex Smith is going to become more comfortable with his wide receivers. Just you wait until Braylon Edwards comes back healthy. He is expected back after the bye week, meaning he could be in the game in week 8 against Edwards’ old team the Cleveland Browns. By that time, expect Alex Smith to have matured enough to utilize Edwards well as a nice complement to the already expanding passing game. Edwards in the preseason was getting the most hype for working closely with Smith to get in rhythm in the passing game. I expect them to pick up where they left off.

I did not expect the Niners to beat the Cowboys, Eagles, or Bucs when the season started. Now, the Boys beat us only in overtime, the Eagles lost to us, and MANY are picking the Bucs to lose in Candlestick to the Niners. Niners are favored by 3 points. The way I saw it at the beginning of the season, Niners would finish 9-7. Now it is a possibility the Niners finish 10-6 or even 11-5. This is amazing… GO NINERS!


The biggest questions across the NFL following Week 4’s dramatic road victory by the San Francisco 49ers circle around a surprising west-coast team and an alleged dream team …


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