Sep 24

49ers vs Bengals, Harbaugh pull your head out of your butt

Just real simple here… Niners vs Bengals is a battle between two teams who desire to return to meaning something in the NFL.  The Bengals have been in the headlines for the Carson Palmer ‘trade me now’ issues but have Andy Dalton starting at QB who could soon look much better than Alex Smith.  Bengals also have been known for recent Ochocinco chatter and he is no longer with the team.  Instead the newest best WR in the game could be AJ Green.  This definitely looks better to me than the Niners Crabtree who might play this week, but is always hurt and is a proven DIVA!  Remember also that Braylon Edwards had knee surgery this past week and is reported to be out for four weeks.  Joshua Morgan and Ted Ginn Jr. are playing better but need to be in Alex Smith’s sights much more often to help the team.  Vernon Davis has a current beef with Niner’s coach Jim Harbaugh regarding his offensive assignments… blocking vs pass catching.  very interesting.  Frank Gore is rumored to be declining rapidly and needs to go for close to 100 yards or more to show he is worthy of his new contract.  OR Harbaugh has a choice to lean on rookie Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon.  Niners fans would like to find out if this is a run blocking issue or a Frank Gore issue.  If Hunter can go for 4 yards a carry then our question is answered for at least one week.  Frank Gore is averaging around 2.5 yards a carry through 2 games.  We have to wonder how Gore’s hip is after the injury last year.  I believe the local media is mis-reporting Gore’s condition.  They (95.7 the game who I love)  are generally saying Gore is coming off of hip surgery.  I remember one of the biggest off-season stories as Gore’s doctors recommended to him that his hip will heal naturally and that is what Gore chose.  There was no surgery.  Am I wrong?  Still Gore looks slow.  One of the biggest beefs to that is the O-line has not been opening up holes.  Niners O-line so far looks like they have never played together.  I expect the coaches esp Tom Rathman to shore that up quickly.  Alex will not survive.  So What?  Yeah I wanna see Colin Kaepernick too… but seriously?  Lets see him in week 14 or 15!  Tough it out Alex!

Niners D vs Bengals O… I like the new Niners secondary, even though they almost gave a touchdown up to a ROOK that had never caught a pass before (last week in the Cowboys game.)  I think it was Madieu Williams who was beat by the speedy wide receiver in the open field.  Tackles have to be made.  Aldon Smith and Justin Smith will have to be better utilized.  Aldon is going to have to learn to cover the middle of the field as well as pass rushing.  He can do it.  Cedrick Benson will hopefully be too smoked as he gets his clock rung by Parys Haralson, Navarro Bowman and Patrick Willis.  Aldon Smith and Justin Smith ought to stop Benson in the back-field.  As for Dalton… bring pressure, get hits, the Smiths, Willis and McDonald should slow him down.  Niners secondary needs to continue to play at a high Collegiate level.  LOL.  If they can do this, Dalton throws for 2 INTs on the day.  Tremaine Brock got one last week.  I would like to see Terrel Brown intercept Dalton this week.

Just real simple… I’m looking forward to a bad team to beat another bad team on the road…. Niners 27, Bengals 20.

Harbaugh c’mon pull your head out of your butt…


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