Jun 04

49ers Rolled With The Punches Until Kaepernick Dropped The Bomb

This is what Mr. Colin Kaepernick and his representation have done to the San Francisco 49ers.  SH*T!

This is what Mr. Colin Kaepernick and his representation at XAM Sports have done to the San Francisco 49ers. SH*T!

An offseason that challenged Jim Harbaugh’s desire for all members of the team to be above reproach at all times, has revealed some proper planning as well.  The San Francisco 49ers drafted well, hitting needs as well as explosive compliments to an already talented skill position group,  They traded for Steve Johnson formerly of the Buffalo Bills, without giving up much.  What free agents were lost, seemed to be filled with talented, younger, less expensive replacements.

Then they dropped the bomb.

Or should I say Kaepernick dropped the bomb, a right hook, a knockout punch.  More impressive than anything he’s ever done.  181 yards rushing in the playoffs?  That was a significant record.  Taking your team to the Super Bowl after taking the starting QB job in midseason?  Never been done before, probably never again.  In the NFC Championship game this last season in Seattle, throwing a 40 yard TD pass while scrambling with both feet off the ground?  A Dart!!! No plant foot!!! Most amazing throw I’ve ever seen.  No, this is bigger!

Oh, no… This was THE BOMB.  Mr. Colin Rand Kaepernick just broke the record of records.  He signed the largest guaranteed money contract in NFL history.  The “up to” 6 yrs/126 mil is not the big deal.  We hear all the time, now it’s about the guaranteed money.  So, Kap did it.  $61 Million in guaranteed money.  ummmm ok…. What’s Kap going to guarantee the Niners and the fans?  What do I get?

Joe Namath guaranteed a Super Bowl victory right?  Sure it wasn’t before the beginning of the season, but he wasn’t making a guaranteed $61 mil in the deal either.  I want a Super Bowl L victory for the San Francisco 49ers.  I want it now.  I want it yesterday.  I want it last February!  What about the February before that Mr. Colin Rand Kaepernick?

You’re late.  Get to work.

The Fraz.

the shortlink for this post is being sent via twitter to Kap.  Got your back Niner’s fans.  We don’t accept failure.



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