Oct 03

49ers looking like favorite to win NFC garbage I mean West…

The San Francisco 49ers are sitting at a lofty 3 -1 record after 4 games.  I did not expect quite this effort and accomplishment from my team at this point in time.  I was especially surprised by Our Niners when they rallied from behind to capture a signature win against the “dream team” Philadelphia Eagles.

I am on record saying that I expect our Niners to finish the season on top of the NFC West with a 9 – 7 record… when the season started I saw this…

sept 11 vs. Sea… Win … result Win 33 – 17  much larger win than expected due to Ted Ginn Jr. heroics

sept 18 vs Dal… Loss… result Loss 27 – 24 OT a heartbreaker that we all thought we could have had if not for secondary miscues late in the game… and Harbaugh taking the wind out of our sails….

sept 25 at Cin… Win … result Win 13 – 8  one of the ugliest wins ever seen in the NFL… but Cedric Benson could do nothing and the Niners D also shutdown promising rookie Andy Dalton.  Alex Smith did not have a great game but he did finally find TE Vernon Davis for a score and 117 yards.

Oct 2 at Phi… Loss… result Win!  24 -23  who saw this coming?  Who saw the Eagles continue to allow second half comebacks?  We all looked at this team as the team that made the playoffs last year and added to make themselves into a “dream team.”  I don’t think many people expected a second half comeback in which Alex Smith threw for over 200 yards with no turnovers, and 2 tds.  In addition, the Eagles continued to fall apart with 3 turnovers in the game including Ronnie Brown’s lateral while getting tackled near the 1 that quite possibly lost the game for the Eagles.  There are so many other miscues by Philadelphia in that game, but Brown’s play is the one that stands out in my mind as the major turning point of the game.   After that play, the 49ers scored three touchdowns to none by the Eagles… and won the game.

The 49ers mounted a great comeback on the shoulders of Alex Smith who found Josh Morgan for a nice score up the middle of the field for 30 yards and another touchdown to star Vernon Davis for 10 yards of hard yardage late in the game…  All this was capped by what?  Frank Gore’s run up the middle for 12 yards and a touchdown for the win!  No the Eagles can’t even stop an aging running back with an ankle injury…

The 49ers Defensive line gets a ton of credit for this win including Justin Smith’s strip of Jeremy Maclin late in the game.  Every time I watch that play, I am still surprised Smith caught up with Maclin… amazing how Smith was able to catch up and swat the ball out or Maclin’s hands… I’m sure Philly fans put that on Maclin 100%.

Ok on to the next week with Our 49ers at an amazing 3 -1…

Oct 9th vs Tampa Bay at Candlestick… Loss… I expect the Buccaneers to defeat our Niners due to Josh Freeman continuing to come out as one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL…  Interestingly his back-up is Joe Johnson who Harbaugh coached at USD.  If not for Harbaugh’s coaching Johnson may never have made it into the NFL.  I have to wonder how hard Harbaugh tried to acquire Johnson this off-season.  There was no news about any deals whatsoever for the back up QB Johnson.  33-27 Bucks

Oct 16th at Detroit… Loss… I do not see the improved Lions missing a step against our improved 49ers…. Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley will not miss a beat against the 49ers weak offensive line.  Stafford and Calvin Johnson continue to best the opposing offenses and put up enough points for the win.  23-16 Lions

Bye… The San Francisco 49ers sit at 3-3 in the bye week on top of the terrible NFC West and remain on top of the division going into week 8…

Oct 30th vs Cleveland in Candlstick… Win…The Niners continue to be one of the best run defenses in the league as they stone Peyton Hillis and the Browns (Madden Cover Curse?).  No curse necessary as the Niners continue to do what they do best, stop the run. 28-17 Niners

Nov 6th @ Washington… Win… Rex Grossman will not continue to play well over the season… Cornerback Carlos Rodgers has played well over the season and knows his former teams weakness passing the ball.  With the Niner’s great pass rush continuing to show its strength, the secondary will show it has become a force to be reckoned with and will once again have a 2+ interception game.  27-10 Niners

Nov 13th vs New York Giants… Win… Somehow the 49ers pull out a win by stopping the Giants receivers exactly the way the Eagles could not stop them… by making open field takles.  Madieu Williams and Carlos Rodgers lead the team in tackles followed closely by Donte Whitner.  Ely Manning has some time as he is only sacked twice, once by Justin Smith and once by Ray McDonald, but finds the rush has enough pressure against him to put him in difficult situations.  Manning finishes with only 250 yards passing with 1 TD and 2 INTs, 1 by Rodgers and 1 by Whitner.  Niners win by a breakout game from rookie Kendall Hunter who rushes for 120 yards plus 40 yards receiving with a touchdown. 24-13 Niners.

November 20th vs Arizona… Win … This is the NFC West! Need I say more?  lol… The Niners own Arizona in this game with Alex Smith getting his first ever win throwing for over 300 yards… final numbers… Alex Smith 29-39, 359 yards passing, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception (by Adrian Wilson who does Nothing else in the game),   Vernon Davis 2 TDs one  for 40+ yards and 150 yards recieving,  Braylon Edwards 1TD and 110 yards receiving.  Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter both go for over 100 yards from scrimmage.  It is not prettty for Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald… Fitz gets hammered by Madieu Williams in the first quarter in what looks like a personal foul but is uncalled… Ugly game for the Cardinals, Niners win 38 – 17.

November 24th at Baltimore… Loss… Much hype is paid to this game coming in as the surprising San Francisco 49ers are 7 – 3 facing the AFC supremist Baltimore Ravens who have only one loss so far… It is Jim Harbaugh vs. brother John Harbaugh on a family Thanksgiving Day… But the elder brother has the more experienced and accomplished team and it shows on the field.  The 49ers finally give up more than 100 yards to a running back for the first time in 3 seasons as Ray Rice piles up 112 yards up the middle in a hard fought bloody game.  The Ravens win a defensive ugly one against the Niners 14 – 13.

Dec 4th vs St. Louis at Candlestick… Win… The Niners come out firing on all cylinders after the ugly loss against the Ravens.  The Rams have players healthy but Stephen Jackson is aging and cannot compete against the great Niners front seven.  Sam Bradford was in a comeback mode type of season after getting players around him healthy, but finds it is not enough against a rabid Vic Fangio coached defense that has had time to jell…  Alex Smith has some trouble but eeks out a win against a confused defense due to inconsistent secondary play by the Rams.  Vernon Davis scores early and Braylon Edwards makes an acrobatic grab for the go-ahead touchdown as the Niners defense holds for the final 4 minutes of the game…  49ers 27-20.

Dec 11th in Arizona’s University of Pheonix Stadium… Win…   Remember how Alex Smith owned the Cardinals in the final game of 2010?  Yeah this is something like that… The Niners O – Line has found its rhythm and Darnell Docket and Calais Campbell are stumped by their respective blockers as Adam Snyder and Joe Staley begin to shore up the offensive line…  Kendall Hunter has another great game going for over 100 yards and the Niners get into a groove with a two back system.  Frank Gore goes for 68 on the ground and 30 receiving.  Alex Smith is the star of the game as Adrian Wilson and Patrick Peterson cannot stop the air game, Smith goes for 377 yards and 4 TDs  one each to Davis, Crabtree, Edwards, and Hunter.  Kendall Hunter has the most explosive TD of the day where he eludes multiple tacklers on his way to a 61 yard dash to the end zone that started from a harmless looking bubble screen with great blocking from Edwards and Davis…  Niners Win 44-13

Dec 19 vs Pittsburgh at Candlestick Monday Night!… Loss  Somehow the fricken Steelers put their heads into the game as James Harrison has another career game with a fumble recovery and an interception and the Steelers win with no help from a beaten Big Ben who throws 2 interceptions himself… Steelers win ugly 19-17.

Dec 24 at Seattle… Loss…  The terrible Seagulls rally behind the home crowd to confuse Alex Smith and Harbaugh’s play-calling for the only divisional loss the Niners have all year.  Smith throws 2 Ints for the only time all year and the Hawks claw out a close one… Tavaris Jackson is able to throw a TD strike to Sidney Rice in the final minute to make it a 17-14 win.  But the Niners still command the division going into the last game against St. Louis…17-14 Seahawks.

Jan 1st in St Louis… Win…  The Niners did not need this win as they wrapped up the division the last week even with a loss, they come in 9-6 to this game…  The Rams have had a terrible season where they came into the season being favored to win the division (by yours truly!)  But a quick 0-4 start downed the Rams early and they would never recover… Late in the year, they crawl back after signing Brian Westbrook late in the season who still shows he can play… but his rushing and quick slants are not enough against the Niners formidable front 7.  Westbrook gets 101 rushing and receiving yards combined, but the Niners shut down the rest of Sam Bradford’s attack although Simms-Walker goes for 90 yards…  Too little too late against a balanced attack of Gore for 100 yards, and Hunter for 60 receiving and a touchdown, capped by and acrobatic Edwards TD reception of 18 yards on a fade…

Final score 30-20 Niners….

so by looking at an added win this week against the Eagles that I never considered, I have the Niners finishing at a powerful 10-6 mark atop the NFC West.  There is no one out there that cannot tell me the script I just wrote is impossible… In fact it is very likely… GO NINERS!  PLAYOFFS BABY!


that’s the way the I see it…

OUT – the FRAZ



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